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    5 Areas of Lighting Innovation LEDucation Attendees Shouldn’t Miss 

    March 10, 2021
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    Learn how Signify is redefining what light can do and how our innovations contribute to a safer, smarter and more sustainable world.  
    Signify is looking forward to LEDucation’s two-day virtual 2021 conference, taking place March 16 and 17, 2021. This event, organized by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York, is a great opportunity for the design and specification community to learn about the latest innovations shaping the future of light. Register here if you haven’t done so already.

    Representatives from our industry-leading brands, including Color Kinetics, Interact, Gardco, Ledalite, Lightolier, NatureConnect and 3D Printing, will be on hand in the online marketplace to chat about our newest products and technologies. 

    Here are 5 key areas of lighting innovation that you do not want to miss:

    1. 3D Printing
    Signify 3D printing
    3D printing has been around for awhile, but did you know it’s now being used to produce luminaires on an industrial scale? This technology is redefining lighting design, specification and manufacturing.

    It’s bespoke. Locally made in our Littlestown, Pennsylvania, factory, our 3D printed decorative pendants, high and low bays, and tracks can be tailored to your liking.

    It’s fast. Our group can work with you to develop a concept on paper, see that concept in days and enjoy a fully developed product in a just a couple of weeks. 

    And it’s sustainable. The luminaires are fully recyclable and support a circular economy.

    2. Unlocking Illumination Possibilities and Flexibility

    Lighting designers are challenged to meet functional requirements, while balancing aesthetics and maximizing energy efficiency. We continue to upgrade our Lightolier, Ledalite and Gardco portfolios to offer greater lighting design flexibility.

    C6RN C6L C6RDL
    Lightolier Calculite LED downlights offer high-quality optics for superior visual comfort and uniform illumination. With the addition of IntelliHue, they provide millions of combinations of white and colored light to enhance architectural appeal and transform indoor space for any purpose. Calculite Downlight with Intellihue technology ensures excellent color accuracy and consistency between luminaires.
    Ledalite’s AccuRender, a technology that provides excellent color quality (CRI 90) illumination without sacrificing efficacy and energy-savings targets, can also help address lighting designers’ challenges. It’s based on strategically engineered spectra – going above and beyond basic requirements and delivering additional value like circadian impactful lighting and enhanced visual comfort. We have added this technology to even more product families such as Ledalite Eyeline, so you don’t have to compromise on your design.
    p15 and p20
    Gardco’s architectural outdoor luminaires are designed to enhance comfort and performance while making a unique statement. The PureForm family includes two new pedestrian scale arm mount luminaires in round and square designs. They deliver low glare, uniform illumination to elevate the sense of security of any walkway while maintaining design continuity.

    3. Solar Lighting
    Solar Form
    Solar lighting is a key part of our commitment to climate action. We are excited to bring the environmentally-friendly Gardco SolarForm to North America. This integrated solution includes a battery, solar panel and charge controller built into the luminaire. It can be quickly installed and help expand lighting coverage in areas without access to grid power or where trenching is difficult.

    4. Scalable, Connected Lighting Systems
    Interact collage
    Connected lighting can create workplaces that are more comfortable, secure and productive, all while boosting energy savings and meeting sustainability targets. To make it easy for you to enjoy its benefits, we’re introducing the new Interact Pro scalable system. It’s a cost-efficient solution that can grow along with your business needs, all without reworking your luminaires. There is no restriction on light points, and we can cover any application need with a wide range of connected lamps, luminaires, sensors and switches.

    5. Adaptive Ceiling Solutions

    Now more than ever, we’re spending a majority of our time indoors and not getting a sufficient amount of daylight. The exposure to the right amounts and quality of light during the day can impact our mood, energy levels, comfort, quality of sleep and our health and wellbeing.
    Nature Connect
    Adaptive ceiling solutions, like NatureConnect, incorporate biophilic design principles. NatureConnect consists of a set of LED luminaires that can mimic the natural patterns of daylight, recreate a skylight and bring in colors from outside, to help enable comfortable, engaging and attractive indoor environments.
    Designers don’t need to be constrained by conventional ceiling design to achieve their vision. Color Kinetics OneSpace lighting panels by Color Kinetics also provides daylight illumination and can create that skylight effect. The panels enable a clear view of objects with bright, glare-free light that eliminates shadows and enhances the design of any interior.

    Visit Signify at LEDucation

    The future is bright. We invite you to visit our virtual booth at LEDucation, and learn more about these innovations and how we aim to serve our customers’ needs in new and better ways. 


    April Ruedaflores
    April Ruedaflores

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