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    Brighten America using federal funds

    The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is in an investment in lighting infrastructure

    Lighting has a critical role to play in modernizing and rebuilding America’s outdated infrastructure, which is why Signify is pledging to Brighten America by collaborating with you to leverage the unprecedented access to funding made available by the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) for your LED and connected lighting projects.

    Installing LED and connected lighting is one of the most quick and effective ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, while supporting community safety, well-being, and engagement. We are driving the shift to sustainability by focusing on driving LED lighting solutions in the areas of transportation, education, government buildings, and access to broadband.

    Strengthening and revitalizing target infrastructure areas



    We are all safer when our roads and public areas are effectively lit. LED and connected lighting reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while revitalizing local economies, engaging communities, and laying the ground for smart, data-driven capabilities that provide benefits that go far beyond illumination.

    Government Buildings


    Connected lighting establishes a digital infrastructure that can be used to optimize lighting operations, make building maintenance more efficient, and even support goals of net zero carbon.



    Well-lit school learning environments are more conducive spaces for learning and growing because LED and connected lighting not only reduces an institutions energy consumption, but also supports focus, safety, and well-being.


    Broadband Accessibility


    Equitable access to broadband is critical in addressing the digital divide that exists in the US. Smart street lighting infrastructure can expand broadband networks to cover previously underserved areas while reducing the cost of delivery, avoiding the construction difficulties of trenching, and improving city aesthetics.

    Signify and Industry partners take action to Brighten America

    Signify consistently ranks among the most highly ranked smart street lighting manufacturers.
    Federal funding acts as stimulus for smart city street lighting.
    US Conference of Mayors Report Prioritizes Infrastructure Investments for Cities. See what city leaders like you are prioritizing for their cities.
    New York gets brighter and safer through connected LED lighting.
    Los Angeles is using their connected infrastructure to enhance the lives of their citizens.
    Signify has hundreds of lighting products that meet BAA requirements.  

    Interactive funding map

    We'd love to help you Brighten America