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    Signify CSI Partner Program

    Partner with Signify

    Lighting projects are complex. Whether it’s design, installation, commissioning or IoT integration – it takes the most capable professionals to bring it all together. Signify brings together the best lighting brands in the world. And we want to bring together the best people too.
    Our Partner Program is all about collaboration between world-class companies to achieve excellency. And then striving to improve further on that. Together we build the future of connected lighting.

    Your company can get more from a partnership with Signify. As a Certified System Integrator, you may dedicate sales and technical staff, invest in demo kits and training, commission system installations and program system controllers, and commit to monthly/quarterly sales targets. In exchange, we provide business-to-business high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems, and services. (We do not provide business-to-consumer solutions like Philips Hue lighting products.) More information about consumer lighting

    The power of two

    Innovation and achievement requires the will and ability to always keep learning. That’s what sets us apart as a partnership. Mastering skills. Expanding knowledge. Increasing performance. Signify CSIs strive for growth and development all the time. We empower them with inspiration, education, training and tools.

    Collaborating with the right partners is the key to success. A strong partnership adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Trust in the power of two.

    In the world of connected lighting, collaboration is key to success. That’s why you need a quality partner you can trust.

    Are you ready?

    Apply to be a partner and learn more about what Signify can do for your business.
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    Meet our partners

    Our Certified System Integrators have been strategically selected for their unique expertise across a wide range of industries and the complementary software solutions, services and hardware that they provide.

    Signify Partner Program

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    Our global brand in professional and consumer lighting
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    Our Internet of Things platform and connected lighting systems
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    Our global brand in dynamic architectural lighting systems
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    Our global brand in integrated lighting control solutions
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    A collection of industry-leading luminaire brands within Signify North America