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    Human-centric lighting


    Lighting has a profound effect on people. The reason is simple; light is the most powerful regulator of our circadian rhythm. Light has visual, biological, and emotional benefits. This is paramount for human-centric lighting for people's health and wellbeing.


    At Signify, we view lighting as a solution to creating healthy spaces while promoting well-being. By enhancing the LED spectrum with cyan light, BioUp helps support daytime circadian rhythm for engagement during the day and good sleep quality at night. It's designed to help you see better, feel better, and perform better. 

    Melanopic light and how it works


    Melanopic light is the part of biological light which plays a major role in synchronizing the internal body clock in line with non-visual effects of light. When you properly design melanopic lighting in your building it brings the benefits of natural daylight indoors, enhancing visual comfort, wellbeing, and performance.

    Understanding BioUp and its benefits


    BioUp is a spectrally tunable technology allowing for minute adjustments to certain wavelengths in the LED light spectrum. By enhancing the LED spectrum with cyan light, BioUp supports the biological impact without changing the visual color or intensity of the light


    • You may not see the impact of BioUp on the visual color or intensity of light, but you will see the impact on how you feel and perform.Supports human circadian rhythm for enhanced engagement during the day while allowing good sleep quality at night.
    • Creating a cyan peak at 480nm in the LED spectrum at the right time of day and for the right duration of time (between the hours of 9am-1pm) helps regulate our internal body clock.
    • Achieves a high Melanopic Daylight Efficacy Ratio (MDER) value at broad CCT levels while maintaining high efficacy with a dynamic MDER value up to 0.97 at 5000K producing a spectral content close to that of natural daylight designed to deliver melanopic benefits to people indoors with limited exposure to natural light.
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    Dive into the advances of melanopic lighting 
    At Signify, we have a deep understanding of the effects that light can have on people, coupled with the technological know-how to deliver quality solutions that enhance visual comfort, wellbeing and performance. As human-centric lighting applications gather momentum, we have the expertise to deliver a wide range of high-quality lighting solutions that building occupants, facility managers and installers can use to create more inclusive and satisfying workspaces. Light has a visual impact (see better), an emotional impact (feel better) and a biological impact (function better). 

    Compatible products


    Find specification sheets, brochures and instructions for each of these BioUp compatible products


    SyncLine Wall

    Day-Brite CFI



    A wide variety of compatible products coming soon, please check back again.