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    It’s time to make cities safe, resilient, and sustainable. How? Well, you can easily begin your smart city journey today with something you already own: your lighting. Smart lighting can push the boundaries of what’s possible, helping you optimize operations, improve services, enhance safety, beautify public spaces, and encourage civic pride. Partner with us: our unique range of world-class brands and propositions contribute to creating a safer, smarter, more sustainable world.

    Signify proudly markets the best lighting brands in the world.


    All of our solutions work seamlessly together, allowing you to tailor your lighting specifically to your needs. Pick and choose the right products, systems and services for your project, safe in the knowledge that with the best lighting brands in the world, the highest quality of light is at your fingertips.

    Our global brand in professional lighting for high quality and energy efficiency in light.
    Our Internet of Things platform and connected lighting systems.
    Our global brand in dynamic architectural lighting systems.
    High-speed Internet through your lights with LiFi.
    Smart poles for smart cities.
    Customized lighting services that provide the quality of light your business deserves.