Circular economy

    Our Circular revenues to 32% in 2025

    Waste to landfill since 2020

    Plastic packaging for consumer products by end of 2023

    Meeting the global waste challenges


    In 2022, we use 1.8 times the resources our planet can sustain (source: The World Counts). To transition towards a sustainable and circular economy we need to rethink the way we produce and consume. Signify is driving the development of products that can be reprinted, refurbished, reused or recycled. We commit to double our revenues from circular products, systems, and services to 32% in 2025.

    "Our circular model is about reducing waste and preserving value by aligning the goals of our customers, the growth of our business, and the future resources of our planet."


    Nicola Kimm

    Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety

    Our commitment


    Our ambition related to Sustainable Development Goal 12, is to double our revenues coming from circular products, systems and services to reach 32 percent in 2025. We are extending our circular portfolio to preserve value and avoid waste through four categories.


    We are committed to more sustainable packaging, removing plastics from all our consumer packaging before the end of 2023, and to sending zero waste to landfill. Read more about our plastic free packaging.

    Our circular portfolio

    Serviceable luminaires

    Serviceable luminaires

    Upgradable, serviceable, connectable, energy efficient, reusable and recyclable, including 3D printing


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    Circular components

    Circular components


    Exchangeable and recyclable parts, such as drivers, controls, and LED boards



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    Intelligent systems

    Intelligent systems


    Monitor serviceable luminaires for preventive maintenance and lighting asset management


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    Circular services

    Circular services


    Prolong lifetime and provide customers with sustainable end-of-contract options


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    Case studies

    • Schiphol Airport

      Schiphol Airport

      Our circular lighting services provided Schiphol with the perfect sustainable solution. Instead of buying the luminaire, you just buy the light.

    • High Tech Campus

      High Tech Campus

      With Signify retaining responsibility for maintenance of the new lighting, the High Tech Campus management team was able to focus their time elsewhere.

    • Bruynzeel Storage Systems

      Bruynzeel Storage Systems

      Light as a Service provided Bruynzeel Storage Systems with the perfect financial solution to support their sustainability goals.