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    Intern in the spotlight: Melanie Zeini

    November 18, 2019
    melanie zeini

    Melanie is an intern in our Strategic Alliances department for the Middle East, in Dubai.

    Could you tell us about yourself, and your internship at Signify?

    I studied International Relations at the American University in Dubai (AUD), and despite Signify’s main profile being different than what I studied, I’m taking up a position that is highly related to my field of study. Being a Public and Government Associations and Strategic Alliance Intern, and working specifically with Horticulture, Aquaculture, and Solar Lighting, means that I get to learn about how technology plays an important role in Food Security and Sustainability, exposing me to the solutions we have in place for universal issues. The team I work with creates the bond between the company and government institutions that are involved in setting initiatives for sustainable causes, allowing us to create meaningful relationships and discovering future opportunities. Through our relationships, we can take part in building the future of Horticulture, Aquaculture, and Solar Lighting in the UAE, and creating a more sustainable world for everyone.

    What does an ordinary day look like for you?

    Every day begins with pinpointing and sorting my tasks by relevance and importance. My tasks revolve around researching useful information from reliable sources, getting in touch with relevant entities, setting up and attending meetings and workshops, and following up on all our potential opportunities. Beyond maintaining the communication inside and outside of the organization with our stakeholders, I’m also a key participant of the Brighter Life community, where I help plan and organize events that are relevant for creating a vibrant community for both the Signify family and others.

    Brighter Life is an internal initiative focusing on employee wellbeing, focusing on subjects such as breast cancer prevention and family events for employees.
    interns in the meeting room

    What was your most memorable experience since you joined Signify?


    M: In the beginning, I was kind of unaware of the role of light in sustainability, so the learning process throughout was very interesting, and as I got more familiar with my role, there were a few memorable moments. The most memorable moment, however, was being able to deliver the first samples that ever arrived in the UAE for Horticulture lighting to a Vertical Farm that I reached out to, and fortunately got informed that they were expanding. This meant a huge potential for our solutions, and I really felt the contribution that comes with creating meaningful connections through communication.


    What motivated you to join us?


    M: Although simply having the opportunity to work for Signify was attractive on its own, the turning point was when I watched one of their videos, and it immediately became evident that this is a company that is modern and professional. Being able to work in a modern and professional environment, means that there is a sort of flexibility that prioritizes productivity over conventional scheduled functioning, making it an environment I saw myself in.



    Could you summarize your internship at Signify?


    M: I feel like my time here has given me the chance to expand my experiences and explore myself. I do things that I never imagined I would. I became interested in fields far away from my original point of interests, which has helped me discover myself, and what I hope to build for the future of my career.

    My journey throughout has been positive, I never felt out of place and I have met great people that make continuing my career at Signify terrific.

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    Levente Pálóczi
    Levente Pálóczi

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