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    We are excited to welcome you to the Signify OEM homepage. With our trusted product brands of Advance, Bodine, and Philips; we provide you with the highest level of service and quality lighting components in the industry.  Quality is at the heart of everything we do.  Quality is not just made up of one thing, but to us, six pillars that define what Quality means to us.  And with our commitment, expertise and knowledge of our connected world, we continue to push innovations in smart lighting technology to allow you to give the advance features your customers look for. We invite you to take a look around and learn how we can better help serve your business.

    New product releases

    New Blue Line Backlit Panels with Advance CertaDrive X Series LED Drivers
    New Blue Line Backlit Panels with Advance CertaDrive X Series LED Drivers
    We are pleased to inform you that Blue Line Flat Panels are now commercially available. The BLFP is an evenly illuminated backlit LED flat panel that comes in a variety of lumen packages/colors and is powered by high quality Advance CertaDrive X LED drivers. All products will meet DLC v 5.0 with options available in both premium and standard tiers. Product is locally stocked and individually boxed in white label packaging for quick and easy shipment.
    Advance Xitanium 190W Industrial LED Driver with SimpleSet Technology
    Advance Xitanium 190W Industrial LED Driver with SimpleSet Technology
    Advance Xitanium LED drivers with SimpleSet technology are designed to give OEMs ultimate flexibility with one driver to serve a complete portfolio. The operating window optimizes coverage for Class 2 in terms of power, output voltage and current. With two independent channels this driver allows the user to get much more than 100W in a compact form factor, while still complying with Class 2 limits. High driver efficiency enables very high system efficacies.
    Advance Xitanium 95W Industrial LED Driver
    Advance Xitanium 95W Industrial LED Driver
    Advance Xitanium outdoor LED drivers are long-lasting and low maintenance, LED-based light sources are an excellent solution for all lighting applications. For optimal performance, these solutions require reliable drivers matching the long lifetime of the LEDs. The Advance Xitanium LED outdoor driver portfolio offers a range of products specially designed to operate LED solutions in outdoor applications. These drivers are designed for hard-wired integration into outdoor luminaires for the most rugged applications. They operate to specification under wide temperature and electrical ranges to ensure reliability.

    Our product brands

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    Industry-leading drivers, modules, and ballasts all under one brand.
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    Innovative emergency lighting components that play a key role in egress to safety.
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    Sensors and software for advanced and connected lighting systems.  

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      We aim to provide our OEM customers with the right tools and services to make it easier than ever to work with Signify.  Whether a place for all of our up-to-date news and products, tools to help design-in or program our components, or access to key information on products you purchase, find it all right here under our OEM tools and software resource center.

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    Connected Lighting

      The best Internet of Things (IoT) lighting platform is nothing without the best partners to bring it life. Join us as we build the lighting innovations that will solve society’s most pressing problems and shape a better world. Learn about our connected lighting components now. 

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      Our dedicated team of talented lighting industry engineers are ready to support fixture manufacturers in the integration of Signify LED components.  Learn about our commitment, our process, and our capabilities today.