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    A legacy of leadership in downlighting, track, decorative fixtures

    With a legacy of light that began in New York City in the year 1904, Lightolier is the long-standing industry leader in architectural track lighting, downlighting, and innovative decorative fixtures. ​

    Offering a full range of options to suit the needs of budget-conscious retrofits through marquis, high-design flagships, Lightolier expertly blends aesthetic, performance, and intuitive installation characteristics to deliver value to the minds and hands that are part of building the places and spaces where people live, work, and rejoice. ​



    Choose from 1.75, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-inch aperture housings with many light sources to satisfy today’s energy-efficiency needs.

    Track Lighting

    Track Lighting


    We offer flexibility, versatility, and the widest variety of choices with track systems and track fixtures.

    3D Printed

    3D​ Printed


    Transforming the lighting industry with revolutionary 3D printing technology.




    Beautifully crafted cylinders with several mounting options, various finishes and high precision optics.




    Decorative elements are a definitive design statement utilizing balance and proportions...

    3D Coastal Breeze

    Limited Edition 3D Coastal Breeze!


    The Coastal Breeze collection is made from recycled fishing nets. This special collection empowers you to make a conscious choice!

    Be seen in the best light

      Lightolier is a global market leader widely recognized for its innovative LED lighting solutions with an unmatched commitment to technology leadership, reliability, visual appeal and high performance. The Lightolier comprehensive product offering provides you with a quick and easy way to select both downlighting and track lighting solutions that complement every lighting application.

    History through the years


    Driven by inspiration in architectural designs, Lightolier began over 120 years ago. In its early days the company specialized in decorative chandeliers, then made a shift to the high-end design and architectural markets. ​

    With its unmatched commitment to innovation and continuous market leadership, sixty years ago, Lightolier recognized the need for downlighting and track lighting product portfolio, taking the next step in defining the lighting industry. As advancements in lighting technologies continue to transform, downlighting is no exception. In fact, downlighting was one of the first lighting applications to commercially embrace LED, with its long lifetimes, robust efficiency, sustainability and low energy cost. Over the years, the Lightolier LED downlighting portfolio has expanded, while representing the apex of industry leading flexibility, functionality and quality.


    Product Highlights