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Lightolier product categories

Environmentally-friendly, efficient indoor track and downlighting solutions that perfectly blend aesthetic and performance. With Lightolier you can confidently find the lighting solution to best suit your application and budget.

Be seen in the best light  

    Lightolier is a global market leader widely recognized for its innovative LED lighting solutions with an unmatched commitment to technology leadership, reliability, visual appeal and high performance. The Lightolier comprehensive product offering provides you with a quick and easy way to select both downlighting and track lighting solutions that complement every lighting application.

History through the years


Driven by inspiration in architectural designs, Lightolier began over 120 years ago. In its early days the company specialized in decorative chandeliers, then made a shift to the high-end design and architectural markets. ​

With its unmatched commitment to innovation and continuous market leadership, sixty years ago, Lightolier recognized the need for downlighting and track lighting product portfolio, taking the next step in defining the lighting industry. As advancements in lighting technologies continue to transform, downlighting is no exception. In fact, downlighting was one of the first lighting applications to commercially embrace LED, with its long lifetimes, robust efficiency, sustainability and low energy cost. Over the years, the Lightolier LED downlighting portfolio has expanded, while representing the apex of industry leading flexibility, functionality and quality.

Product Highlights

  • Calculite LED

    Calculite LED

    Specification-grade downlighting delivering exceptional visual comfort, optical control, mechanical precision, installation efficiency and future proofing.

  • LED Downlights

    LED Downlights

    Our complete Lightolier LED downlight line-up, consisting of Calculite LED, LyteProfile LED and LyteCaster LED.

  • SlimSurface LED Downlight

    SlimSurface LED Downlight

    Low profile, easy-to-install round and square surface mount downlights that will bring a sophisticated look to your ceiling

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