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    Lightolier upgrades Calculite Family with IntelliHue Technology

    March 1, 2021
    Board Room
    Lightolier Calculite LED downlights combined with Color Kinetics IntelliHue Powercore technology provides the ultimate in flexibility for your downlighting projects.

    Have you been looking for the ULTIMATE solution in downlight flexibility?  Look no further than the Lightolier Calculite LED downlights with Intellihue Powercore technology.  This winning combination incorporates high quality (high CRI) white light and color changing options into your projects.

    The benefits of Calculite are extensive. Calculite makes use of the Lightolier Uniframe, a single frame solution that can be adapted for any project need – now and in the future. This family of commercial LED downlights can be installed tool-free, include plug-and-play driver connections (and upgrades), and are constructed with high-quality materials, giving your project a refined finish. Calculite downlights also include superior photometric performance with high-quality optics for best-in-class cutoff and superior visual comfort.

    With the addition of Color Kinetics’ color-control and color-changing IntelliHue Powercore technology, the Calculite LED downlights bring flexibility, support design accuracy and can help you satisfy your customers’ needs. And when combined with Chromasync technology, the downlights provide excellent precision and accuracy in color mixing and color matching. No more fiddling with levels to ensure that your color is consistent across your entire project. 
    Office lobby
    The applications for the Calculite downlight with IntelliHue technology are nearly endless.  The flexibility of high CRI white light and color-changing technology allows you to highlight environments that range from retail to hospitality to offices. The adaptability of the luminaire means you can seamlessly transform your space for any purpose. Define your brand in your office space with colorful lighting, set a mood for a presentation or use the high CRI white light to bring your environments to life. 
    Hotel room

    With this new commercial LED downlight, Signify has brought two of our industry-leading lighting technologies together, giving you the flexibility you need to bring your designs and indoor environments to life. 


    To learn more, visit our website or reach out to your Signify representative.


    Meghan Marrer Andrew
    Meghan Marrer Andrew

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