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    Gardco OptiForm : The Future of Site Lighting

    June 20, 2023

    Site lighting is essential not only for the functionality and performance of an outdoor space, but also for its aesthetics. Signify is proud to share the newest addition to our Gardco family - OptiForm, a flexible line of luminaires designed to strike this balance. With efficacy that outperforms the competition, OptiForm leads the way to the future of site lighting.


    Innovation That’s On-Site

    OptiForm offers best-in-class efficacy – up to 192 lumens per watt – for greater energy savings than traditional metal halide fixtures and without sacrificing high-quality, reliable performance! It is available in three sizes and 11 optical distributions to suit a variety of outdoor applications, from parking lots to pathways. Specialty optics and shields can be added to help eliminate spill light and only cast illumination where it’s needed. These Gardco luminaires offer a broad range of lumen outputs (between 2,000 to 67,000) to ensure a well-lit site at which occupants can feel secure.

    OptiForm Optical Distributions
    OptiForm is also lightweight for easy installation. Because of its two-piece housing, mounting can be done by just one person. It comes standard with our retrofit arm mount, making it compatible with your existing poles for greater convenience. And with three mounting options, OptiForm can cohesively integrate with the design of any site.
    OptiForm Front Exploded View
    The OptiForm luminaires are compatible with Signify’s Interact connected lighting system, so you can get even more out of the outdoor lighting. You can unlock capabilities, such as scheduling, remote management, motion detection and daylight sensing, and deliver value beyond basic, on-off illumination. With Interact, OptiForm can help maximize energy savings and further enhance occupant comfort.  
    ISO Motion Response
    To learn more about how OptiForm can support your next site project or to receive a product demonstration, contact a Signify sales representative or visit our website.


    Lindsey Mulrooney
    Lindsey Mulrooney

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