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    Day-Brite by Signify  - General purpose and performance lighting

    See, feel and perform well

    Commercial and industrial indoor solutions uniquely designed with wellness and safety in mind

    See, feel and perform well

    Alkco provides patient-centric lighting solutions for the modern healthcare facility. Designed to meet the specialized needs of both inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities, our comprehensive portfolio of luminaires prioritizes patient comfort and aesthetics without sacrificing on functionality and efficiency for healthcare providers. Alkco offers indoor lighting solutions for healthcare and cleanroom applications that support the wellbeing of patients and the doctors, nurses and staff that care for them.


    With a history of producing quality, innovative lighting for healthcare and specialty applications, Alkco has been defined as a leader in quality of light since the very beginning. Today, Alkco continues to strive to help you see better, feel better and perform better.


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    Lighting for the modern healthcare experience​

    Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff’s ability to provide the required level of care. LED lighting and controls are the sustainable choice to help you reduce costs by saving energy. The latest LED technologies from Signify, like AccuRender color rendering technology and Ledalite NatureConnect natural lighting system, support wellbeing and provide a nurturing atmosphere for patients. Connected systems like Interact and Dynalite can create a dynamic work environment for staff and improve the operational efficiency of your facility.

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    Different facilities and the spaces within those facilities require different levels of connectivity. Each area may also have different control requirements. Signify’s control solutions provide the flexibility to utilize the appropriate controls, along with the ability to upgrade connectivity features to keep your facilities up to date.


    Maximize energy savings, enhance patient comfort and offer easy scene setting solutions with controls offerings by Signify.


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