Ultra-high-performance lamps  

      Amaze your customers with crystal clear images that jump off the screen. UHP lamps are the power behind pictures with incredible colors and crisp contrast. They guarantee your lamp systems will have outstanding brightness over the longest lifetime. So you can bring every digital moment to life.

    UHP lamps


    Good lamp operation is crucial. It’s the reason we design our UHP lamps and drivers together. That way, you can design reliability into all your projection systems.

    • Perfect stable color spectrum and picture quality over the longest lifetime
    • Outstanding brightness thanks to ultra-short arc lighting and very high pressure
    • Smart, efficient operation with better contrast and minimum acoustical noise
    • Create the smallest, lightest projection designs while maintaining optical brightness
    • Easy to design in with no high voltage insulation or cables needed


    UHP lamps 
    Application segments

      With our UHP lamps you get the added wow factor for a wide range of applications:
    • Office
    • Education
    • Home


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