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    Discover 3D printed lighting solutions

    Three reasons to choose 3D printed lighting


    Lighting that fits your brand


    Create or co-create beautiful lighting that will enhance your brand experience.


    The most sustainable choice


    Designed for the Circular Economy. Made with 100% recyclable materials.

    3D Printing

    Only printed when you need it


    Fast delivery times, also for larger quantities. Eliminate storage costs.

    RD Series

    Decorative Pendant


    Crafted from a unique, sustainable material derived from water jugs, Riverstone boasts a light aqua hue reminiscent of gentle waters.This innovative material not only promotes recycling but also brings the calming aura of water into your interior spaces.

    3D Coastal Breeze

    3D Coastal Breeze
    Decorative Pendants


    The Coastal Breeze collection is made from recycled fishing nets, collected from harbours on the coast of Cornwall. This special collection empowers you to make a conscious choice without compromising on beauty.

    MS Series

    MS Series
    Track Lighting


    Even the most innovative stylists maintain a few key basic pieces, and in lighting, every retailer needs a collection of essential spotlights for track applications. 3D Printed Track, MS Series provides a wide variety of configuration options, perfectly suited for commercial, retail and hospitality uses.

    ICY series

    ICY Series
    Cylinder Pendants


    Explore your indoor application projects with this LED 3-inch round cylinder.  Available in 4 creative textures and a color palette for a unique and polished look.  CRI 90 in all models across the 3 lumen packages offered.

    High Bay

    IHB Series
    Decorative High Bays


    The 3D Decorative High Bay takes a classic product redesigned in an integrated modern modular decorative form. It's not often that a traditional High Bay gets a complete redesign makeover! Light-weight yet durable polycarbonate construction reduces weight that helps ease handling during installation. Unleash your inner creator and select from a variety of color options to help tailor your design.

    PM Series

    PM Series by Day-Brite CFI
    High Bays 


    Big output, tiny input for your high ceilings and large-scale lighting needs. The PM Series' lightweight yet durable polycarbonate construction reduces likelihood for damage and helps ease handling during installation.

    BAL Series

    BAL Series
    Low Bays that Meet High Standards


    These integrated, decorative fixtures are equipped with powerful LED engines that project the same power as downlighting. No celings? No problem. With plenty of light output, and a range of styles, our low bay will light your space evenly. Mix and match form our unique textures and optic combinations to create a signature style for office, retail, and hospitality applications.

    RD Series

    RD Series
    Decorative Pendants


    Easily design and swap out these stylish RD Series pendants to refresh your theme concept, or match seasonal promotions without changing the entire fixture, using our quick exchange technology and 7 unique shapes.


    Single Series

    Single Series
    Large and medium modern decorative pendant fixtures


    Whether in a large space or a more intimate environment, combinations of Single Series shades can create the perfect blend for an elegant and sophistic atmosphere. These pendants are the finishing touch to a contemporary interior style, calling attention to various kinds of gathering areas for work, play, or contemplation.

    PD Series

    PD Series
    Cylinder Pendants


    A classic PAR38 cylinder, our PD Series, with new surface textures and finish options, ease long-term maintenance with the timeless industry standard E26 socket.

    Vetro Downlight

    Vetro Downlight Trim
    Decorative Accessory 

    Discover the Vetro Downlight Trim: a blend of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. Featuring UV-resistant, 3D-printed materials, this accessory is compatible with the LyteProfile and Calculite 4” and 6” Lightolier commercial downlights. It is an ideal final touch for office, hospitality, retail, and healthcare applications.

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