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    LightFinder: A new way to find the right light bulb

    Easily match your bulb with the right replacement – in less than a minute
    Goodbye to guesswork – AI technology recommends the correct fit and shape
    Get the right tone – preview the light effect in your home with augmented Reality

    Find the correct light bulb with confidence

    Scan, fit, preview and order. LightFinder is a new way to find and buy exactly the light bulb you need and have it delivered to your home. Scan your old bulb with the app and let our AI technology match it up with the right replacement. Select the options that fit your needs, and complete the checkout within the app. No bulb? No problem. Browse available light bulbs with the search tool.

    Preview the light effect in your home before you buy

    Soft white, daylight or amber? LightFinder removes the guesswork. There are many tones to choose from, and it can be frustrating to come home with the wrong color. Our augmented reality feature helps you visualize the tone of the light bulb in your home before you buy. No more surprises with light that has the wrong color or doesn't look right.

    LightFinder sells Philips, Philips Hue, and WiZ branded light bulbs

    Home is where the
    best light is

    The easy way to replace light bulbs

    Scan icon
    Scan your old light bulb
    with the app.
    Select icon
    Select the light bulb
    that fits your needs.
    Purchase icon
    Purchase and ship right
    to your doorstep.

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