Lighting inspired by nature

    NatureConnect brings the benefits of natural light indoors

    Daylight is something so natural, that often we do not even realize how important it is to us. The exposure to the right amounts of light during the day, as well as the colors and dynamics from nature, strongly impact our mood, energy levels, comfort, quality of sleep and our health and wellbeing in general.


    On average we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, where we do not get the right amount and quality of light to feel happy and healthy.

    The NatureConnect lighting innovation by Signify is built on proven Biophilic Design principles to reconnect us to the outside world. It mimics the natural patterns of daylight indoors to create healthy, engaging and attractive environments.

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    Light is as fundamental to life as food, water and air

    Benefits of natural light indoors

    Enhance wellbeing



    • Support the body’s natural day-night rhythm
    • Stay active during the day and sleep well at night
    • Stimulate positive emotional and mental health
    Boost performance



    • Improve engagement and workplace satisfaction
    • Make people feel more energetic
    • Stimulate interaction and collaboration
    Create inspiring environment

    inspiring environment


    • Enhance your company identity
    • Adjust the lighting scene for different activities
    • Create a vibrant, joyful and immersive atmosphere



    The NatureConnect lighting solution combines various LED luminaires with advanced lighting control.

    Human centric lighting in workplace


    Mimics the circadian rhythm to help people stay active during the day and sleep well at night


    Provides a view to the sky to create a feeling of spaciousness and connection with nature


    Recreates the colors and dynamics from nature to stimulate positive emotions

    Light behaviour


    NatureConnect uses advanced content and intuitive lighting control, so you can create immersive experiences that are tailored to your exact needs.

    Natural daylight

    Dynamic light throughout the day

    following natural daily rhythm
    Enhance wellbeing and productivity with natural lighting

    Lighting scene selection

    for different activities and spaces



    NatureConnect is a perfect fit for any professional indoor environment.

    Applications - Office


    Create a healthy, engaging and attractive work environment for your employees

    Applications - Hospitality


    Create a unique experience in an inviting and pleasant atmosphere

    Applications - Conference centre

    Conference centre

    Create the optimal context to stimulate interaction and collaboration

    Applications - Care institution

    Care institution

    Create a healthy environment for people that spend long hours indoors

    Why Signify?


    As the world leader in lighting, we have a deep understanding of Human Centric Lighting. The NatureConnect solution is based on thorough research on the impact of nature on people. Using optimized principles and algorithms from nature, it creates rich and meaningful lighting scenes for a wide range of indoor spaces and activities.


    Our high quality, future proof lighting solutions are designed for flexibility and reliability. In addition to that, you can fully count on our continuous professional expertise with regards to on-site advice, lighting design, installation, commissioning and after sales support.

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