Turn dark areas in engaging spaces

    NatureConnect to bring natural light indoors

    Light helps us see better, feel better, and function better. We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, often in locations without enough windows or proper access to daylight. This stops people getting the light they need to perform at their best. Natural light has a huge impact on productivity. It improves creativity, mood and alertness, reduces stress and contributes to better sleep. NatureConnect recreates natural light in indoor settings, to bring the benefits of daylight indoors. 


    How does it work? Natureconnect mimics daylight by simulating the sun's daily patterns, and replicates a view of the sky using light recipes that boost energy levels and help indoor spaces feel in sync with nature.


    Transform your indoor areas into productive, inspiring and relaxing spaces with NatureConnect. 

    Nature Connect movie

    Benefits of natural light indoors

    Boost performance



    Makes people feel more energetic and stimulates interaction and collaboration

    Enhance wellbeing


    Supports the body’s natural day-night rhythm to stay active during the day and rest well at night
    Create inspiring environment

    inspiring environment


    Enhances your company identity by creating a vibrant, joyful and immersive atmosphere

    Light behavior

    NatureConnect uses advanced content and intuitive control to enable lighting experiences that are fully tailored to your needs.

    Day Rhythm

    The Day Rhythm mode provides dynamic lighting that follows the rhythm of the sun. It runs automatically to ensure the right light at the right time of the day.
    Day Rhythm - Natureconnect video thumbnail

    Light Scenes


    Via the dedicated user interface one of the natural Light Scenes can be selected to tailor the space to your specific activities and needs.

    NatureConnect - Energize
    energize icon
    Get an instant energy boost
    NatureConnect - Relax
    relax icon
    Relax and clear your mind
    NatureConnect - Present
    present icon
    Focus your attention

    NatureConnect applications


    NatureConnect can add value across multiple segments

    Applications - Office


    Energize employees and create productive areas.


    A recent study has shown that NatureConnect has a positive impact on the alertness and vitality of office workers.

    Applications - Healthcare


    Encourage well-being of patients and staff.


    Create an outdoor feeling with the right lighting at the right moment to support optimal sleep, treatment and recovery.

    Applications - Hospitality


    Creating daylight effect to boost revenue.


    Meeting and conference rooms with daylight is highly desired by customers. NatureConnect has a Return on Investment of 6-18 months.

    Case Studies

    • IWG Battersea London

      IWG Battersea London

      NatureConnect by Signify helped IWG to create spaces with the sense of sunlight and a blue sky to experience daylight in the windowless rooms.

    • Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort

      Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort

      The new Eye Clinic of Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort opened. They chose the NatureConnect solution to provide natural daylight since they have no windows. Both patients and staff are very positive about the natural daylight they experience.

    • Vredenbergh residential care center

      Vredenbergh residential care center

      With the help of NatureConnect lighting, Vredenbergh upgraded their nurse workstation, enhancing their health and wellbeing at work.

    • BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas improved the working environment of his employees by bringing natural light indoors with the NatureConnect lighting innovation.

    • Hardeman office

      Hardeman office

      Hardeman BV improved the office experience of his employees by bringing natural light indoors with NatureConnect lighting innovation.

    • Van Rennes office

      Van Rennes office

      Van Rennes improved the wellbeing and productivity for their employees by bringing natural light indoors with NatureConnect Lighting.

    • Skanska office

      Skanska office

      Skanska improved the office experience for their employees by bringing natural light indoors with NatureConnect Lighting.

    How does it work?

    Nature connect vredenbergh

    For Spaces where daylight can not come, NatureConnect is the answer.

    Having a view to the sky to create a feeling of spaciousness and connection with nature

    Bringing indoor the colors and dynamics from nature for a fully immersive experience

    Stimulating well-being with an energy boost with the Melanopic spectrum.

    Creating inspiring environments with lack of natural daylight with low glare.

    Mimicking the daily rhythm of natural daylight via different scenes for different applications.

    Available Support


    We would be happy to support you with the below free services.

    Virtual Reality Goggles

    Virtual Reality Goggles


    Seeing is believing. Curious to experience the benefits of natural light indoors in Virtual Reality?

    Business Case Modelling

    Business Case Modelling


    Generally, NatureConnect has a Return on Investment of 6-18 months. Curious about your ROI?

    Daylight Quickscan

    Daylight Quickscan


    Many factors influence the quality of lighting. Curious to get an expert view on your lighting?

    Why Signify?


    As the world leader in lighting, we have a deep understanding of Human Centric Lighting. The NatureConnect solution is based on thorough research on the impact of nature on people. Using optimized principles and algorithms from nature, it creates rich and meaningful lighting scenes for a wide range of indoor spaces and activities.


    Our high quality, future proof lighting solutions are designed for flexibility and reliability. In addition to that, you can fully count on our continuous professional expertise with regards to on-site advice, lighting design, installation, commissioning and after sales support.

    Interested in bringing natural light indoors?