Turn dark areas into engaging spaces

    NatureConnect brings daylight indoors

    We spend a lot of our time indoors, often in locations without windows or proper access to daylight. Studies show that the natural light has a huge impact on productivity and alertness, reduces stress and contributes to better sleep.


    How does it work? NatureConnect mimics daylight and replicates a view to the sky using light scenes that boost energy levels and help windowless spaces feel in sync with nature.


    Transform your indoor areas into productive, inspiring, and relaxing spaces with NatureConnect.

    Nature connect movie

    Benefits of NatureConnect

    Enhance wellbeing

    Boost performance


    Increases alertness and vitality of employees


    Check the study here.

    Boost performance

    Increase occupancy

    Makes meeting rooms booked more often
    Check the study here.
    Create inspiring environment

    Inspiring environment


    Creates a vibrant, joyful, and immersive atmosphere

    Light scenes


    Via the dedicated switch, the natural light scenes can be selected to tailor the space to your specific activities and needs.

    NatureConnect - Energize
    energize icon
    Energize is an extra bright scene to give you an additional boost of ener­gy.
    NatureConnect - Present
    Day rhythm
    Day Rhythm automatically regulates the lighting to be correct for the time of day and is the default scene.
    NatureConnect - Relax
    relax icon
    Relax is a soft and warm scene to create a relaxing and mellow atmosphere.

    NatureConnect segments


    NatureConnect can add value across multiple segments and applications – check out the NatureConnect by Signify Global Lookbook here, and YouTube playlist here to discover more.


    Applications - Office


    Many meeting rooms in offices lack daylight, impacting the daily performance of employees.


    NatureConnect turns dark areas into engaging and productive workspaces.


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    Applications - Healthcare


    In healthcare facilities people spend long hours indoors leading to limited exposure to natural light.


    NatureConnect creates a supportive and pleasant environment for both patients and the staff.


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    Applications - Hospitality


    Conference rooms are usually located in the basement, therefore they are windowless and dark spaces.


    NatureConnect not only realizes inspirational spaces but also boosts your revenue.


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    Case studies

    • IWG Battersea London

      IWG Battersea London

      NatureConnect by Signify helped IWG to create spaces with the sense of sunlight and a blue sky to experience daylight in the windowless rooms.

    • Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort

      Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort

      The new Eye Clinic of Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort opened. They chose the NatureConnect solution to provide natural daylight since they have no windows. Both patients and staff are very positive about the natural daylight they experience.

    • Vredenbergh residential care center

      Vredenbergh residential care center

      With the help of NatureConnect lighting, Vredenbergh upgraded their nurse workstation, enhancing their health and wellbeing at work.

    • BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas improved the working environment of his employees by bringing natural light indoors with the NatureConnect lighting innovation.

    • Hardeman office

      Hardeman office

      Hardeman BV improved the office experience of his employees by bringing natural light indoors with NatureConnect lighting innovation.

    • Skanska office

      Skanska office

      Skanska improved the office experience for their employees by bringing natural light indoors with NatureConnect Lighting.


    Natureconnect download page

    NatureConnect download page

    This is the online assets hub for NatureConnect by Signify. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information of the diverse product portfolio along with the relevant technical documents as well as the step-by-step instructions on commissioning and installation of luminaires.


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    Nature connect studies

    NatureConnect global showrooms

    Interested in learning more about NatureConnect and would like to experience the daylight effect by yourself? Please make an appointment with us and we’ll direct you to one of our showrooms nearby, available all around the globe.


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    Nature connect studies

    NatureConnect studies

    These two studies outline the positive impact of NatureConnect on daily alertness and vitality of office workers as well as the benefits of NatureConnect in meeting rooms with no natural daylight leading to higher occupancy.


    Read here the study on increased alertness and vitality of employees


    Read here the study on leveraging the occupancy of meeting rooms

    Nature Connect movie

    Why NatureConnect by Signify?


    • Bringing daylight indoors in all types of windowless places
    • Turning even the darkest areas into engaging and productive spaces
    • Making people more energized and vital during their worktime
    • Increasing occupancy rates in meeting rooms in offices and co-working spaces as well as hospitality facilities


    Interested in bringing natural light indoors?