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    Signify Interns Light Up Their Future

    August 3, 2021
    Signify Interns Headshots

    Our Spring/Summer 2021 interns showcase what makes Signify a great place to work.


    At Signify, our employees are empowered to illuminate their own careers, and our Spring/Summer 2021 interns are no exception. Representing our Integrated Marketing Communications and Digital departments, María Mella, Gabriella Burkart, Julianne Ruane and Emily Suruda teamed up to spearhead a successful blogging project that turned into a semester-long collaboration.


    Continue reading to hear more about what they learned from this hands-on experience at Signify as well as their advice to get the most out of an internship.


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    1. What has been the most impactful outcome of this project? What have you taken away from this experience?


    Julianne: Through this project, we aimed to show our colleagues that blogging is not as daunting or frightening as it may seem and that it can be fun! It gives our employees an outlet where they can proudly share their expertise and work. We demonstrated easy, actionable ways for them to refresh their blogging style and feel empowered to create content.


    Overall, it was a great experience getting to present to senior colleagues. I’ve learned so much from working with them that it was nice to be able to return the favor and teach them. The positive feedback we received was very rewarding. I know that I will cherish this experience for the rest of my career because it’s helped me build amazing professional relationships and develop my skills.


    2. How did this collaboration add value to your internship?


    María: I had started my internship at Signify four months prior to taking on this blogging project. By this point, I’d collaborated with other teams on the creation of promotional materials, but never directly managed a project from beginning to end. I loved the opportunity to collaborate with fellow interns.


    This collaboration led to me becoming a touchpoint for other employees, allowing me to expand the network of those whom I can work with and learn from. That’s what I love about interning with Signify – you’re given opportunities to grow. After this project, I felt even more connected to the Signify community than I had before. It’s been great to know that my work is valued and trusted. Overall, I’d say this project allowed me to understand that the value I offer does not have to be limited to my daily tasks and that, at Signify, effort is rewarded with greater responsibility. It was, undeniably, one of the biggest highlights of my internship experience.

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    3. What are some best practices you've learned from collaborating in a remote environment with one another?


    Emily: I’ve learned so much from collaborating in a remote environment. I think it’s important to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Working remotely can feel very individualistic, especially when you haven’t met any of your colleagues in person, but it is possible to create that team mentality. With the right mindset, you and your colleagues can collaborate and be successful.


    I’ve also learned the power of being flexible and understanding. We have a variety of different departments and roles, so everyone has a full plate and is trying to help you as quickly as they can. It’s important to respect one another’s time and priorities and to keep communication flowing, especially when we don’t have the opportunity to walk over to someone’s desk and check in like we normally would when in the office.


    4. You've been with Signify for six months now. If you could go back to the first day of your internship and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be, and why?


    Gabriella: On the first day of orientation, our Talent Acquisition colleague and Intern Program lead, Adam Roth, gave me one of the best pieces of advice. He emphasized the importance of building connections. Whether it’s another person in your department or someone from one of our other offices across the US or globe, networking creates opportunities. In a time where it can feel a bit isolating because our experience is virtual, networking has helped me feel connected to my colleagues and the organization.


    Reaching out to someone for the first time might seem a little daunting, but I’ve found that my Signify colleagues take our value of Greater Together to heart and welcome connecting. In the six months I’ve been with the company, I’ve gotten the chance to meet with and be mentored by incredible people from within my department and outside of it. I think it’s something that every young professional needs to be doing.

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    At Signify, our interns are empowered to take the lead, learn and forge their own career paths. María Mella, Gabriella Burkart, Julianne Ruane and Emily Suruda have done just that. Their collaboration highlights what makes Signify a great place to work.


    Want to join our team? For more information on internships at Signify, visit our website.


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