Bodine - Emergency Lighting
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    Bodine product categories

    Find the emergency lighting solution that is right for you. Bodine offers award-winning factory- and field-install products designed to meet life safety requirements in a broad range of applications. 

    Innovation + quality in emergency lighting  

      Bodine delivers innovative, quality emergency lighting products. We provide you with a diverse line that includes emergency LED drivers, fluorescent emergency ballasts, emergency lighting inverters and generator-compatible products to turn your lighting fixtures into emergency lighting sources. With more than 50 years of experience, Bodine leads the way in emergency lighting for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. 

    ELI-S-10 announcement


    ELI-S-10 allows you to dim a higher power fixture to 10VA automatically in emergency mode. You won’t need a large inverter to work with your 100W fixture, and no dip switches need to be set.

    Read more about ELI-S-10

    BLCD-20X2 obsolete in Q2  

    Bodine model BLCD-20X2 is targeted for obsolescence in early 2Q 2019. The direct replacement is the GTD20A. The GTD20A acts as an emergency lighting transfer switch (BCELTS) or bypass device (ALCR) and provides 20A maximum for LED and fluorescent loads. Contact the factory for more information on the BLCD-20X2 status.

    What's new

    • BSL310HAZSB


      Emergency driver for LED strips, hazardous locations; Class 2 output; separate battery design

    • ELI-S-100


      100VA sine wave emergency lighting inverter with automatic dimming (0 to 10V) of the connected load

    • B50CT


      Emergency ballast for fluorescent and Type A TLED lamps; meets CEC Title 20 efficiency standards; one-lamp operation