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    Immerse yourself in the borderless world of digital art with teamLab Borderless

    Feb 5, 2019
    Interview with 3rd prize winner CLUE
    Photo © teamLab Borderless

    Hey lovers of light and technology, want to escape the winter blues?


    The digital art collective teamLab, an interdisciplinary group consisting of artists, programmers, animators, architects, graphic artists and engineers, has an art exhibit like no other.


    Lose yourself in the artwork of teamLab Borderless. This dreamlike, magical experience is part of a permanent exhibit at The Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo Japan, which is billed as the world’s first digital art museum. 


    This three-dimensional, 10,000 square meter space, uses 520 computers and 470 projectors to create an experience that will stimulate all five senses. The museum is divided into five sections, Borderless World, Athletics Forest, Future Park, Forest of Lamps and the En Tea house. Overall there are 50 exhibits.


    “teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Through art, teamLab aims to explore new relationships between humans and nature.”


    Since there is no set course in this borderless museum, you simply choose any path to start and then let your curiosity, intuition and imagination guide you.


    The art is dynamic and constantly in motion, morphing into different scenes and moving out of rooms freely creating relationships with people. You can experience a change of scenery while standing in the same spot or interacting with it.


    It’s raining crystals, in the most popular section called the Crystal World. The experience in this interactive space full of mirrors is optimized when using the teamLab app. You can have fun changing the light colors and the cadence of the suspended crystal projection.

    crystal world
    Another breathtaking area that instagrammers flip for is the Forest of Resonating Lamps, where you are surrounded by lanterns and their ever-changing colors.
    Forest of Resonating Lamps
    Photo © teamLab Borderless


    You will witness the stages of the flower life cycle in a flamboyant manner in Flower Forest. Flowers will bloom, wilt and sprout again in this video-mapping masterpiece highlighting how there are no boundaries between humans and nature.

    flower forest


    The Athletics Forest is what one might call a digital art playground for kids. There’s also The Way of the Sea, Memory of Topography, Black Waves, Floating Nest and many more. A total of fifty exhibits will transport you into a colorful interactive universe where art and technology meet, bringing digital art to another level.


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    The Way of the Sea

    Photo © teamLab Borderless


    Monique Cousineau
    Monique Cousineau

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