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    Lighting upgrades provide a significant opportunity to drastically reduce energy costs and cut ongoing operations and maintenance expenses. As the global leader in lighting for more than 125 years, Signify have the know-how and the most comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient technology to meet the needs of almost any application.

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    Leverage utility rebates funding for Signify energy saving products to shorten the payback period of your project.


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    HID replacement LEDs

    Product Spotlight: Interact Pro system


    Connectivity is everywhere, and it is the future and key to unlock your smart building potential. Interact Pro system can make your smart building journey easy and cost effective. No IT, or wiring necessary, Interact Pro system offers touchless controls while being DLC compliant and meeting building codes.


    Learn more today about Signify Interact IoT software by visiting their website


    Visit our ecatalog for information on our complete portfolio and download our Professional lighting catalog app.


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