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    Education: K-12

    Create a learning environment for bright ideas

    Educational establishments fulfill a unique role in society as places of learning, belonging, and community cohesion. From public schools to universities, cost-effective LED lighting can enhance the learning environment, increase a sense of security, and strengthen a school’s brand and reputation, while contributing to comfort, wellbeing, and sustainability. Signify LED lighting creates inviting outdoor areas and indoor spaces that inspire concentration and focus to support your educational objectives for today, tomorrow, and the future.
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    Save energy and reduce costs


    • Convert to LED lighting to reduce energy usage and utility spend.
    • Leverage IoT technology to optimize energy usage and maximize savings.
    • LED lighting can reduce energy usage and utility spend by up to 80%1, extending the life of your equipment.
    • Keep maintenance to a minimum with long-lasting LED technology and digital controls that allow you to apply light only as needed.


    When compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

    Support wellbeing



    • Contribute to cognitive performance with adaptable lighting.


    • Help support circadian rhythm regulation with spectrally-tuned LED lighting systems.2


    • Contribute to productivity, supporting daytime vitality3 and alertness4 with well-designed and well-lit spaces.


    • Take advantage of systems to control lighting requirements for a variety of visual tasks supporting different modes of learning.



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    Promote a sense of security

    • Promote a sense of security and comfort by ensuring well-lit spaces throughout the interior and exterior of the building.
    • Gain insights into problematic areas in your facility by monitoring your environment through sensors.
    • Inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces using UV-C technology.
    • Leverage remote management to monitor the status of your connected lighting system at any time.
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    Improve sustainability


    • Improve sustainability by using light only where and when it is needed.
    • Optimize energy consumption and carbon footprint using lighting controls.
    • Stay on trend while meeting sustainability goals with 3D printed, customizable luminaires.

    • Invest in quality products that require less material and less packaging.

    Product Highlights

    Lighting Services

    Professional Services

    Customized lighting solutions
    Professional Services
    Whether you’re updating your luminaires or undertaking a complete system redesign, we can help transform your lighting to work for both you and your business.

    Lifecycle Services

    Extend the life of your lighting
    Lifecycle Services
    Lighting is an important part of your business. That’s why we offer customized maintenance plans to keep your lighting system working at its best over time.

    Managed Services

    Let us take care of your lighting
    Managed Services
    We create lighting solutions customized to suit your business needs, in line with a clear set of Key Performance Indicators. These solutions include everything from design and build, to operation and maintenance. You can also choose to engage in Light as a Service instead of owning the lighting system, giving you financial flexibility right from the start.

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