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    Intern in the spotlight: Wei Ling Chiang

    May 29, 2019
    Interview with 3rd prize winner CLUE

    Wei Ling was working with us in the Talent Acquisition department for the Growth Markets and Greater China region, based in Singapore.


    What is your role at the company?


    WL: My job at Signify mainly focuses on reporting and analyzing trends on internal and external talents in the Growth Markets and Greater China region. I also support our recruitment marketing efforts by helping to develop and execute employer branding collaterals (example, photoshoots and videos).


    What is important to you, when choosing an internship?


    WL: We all sign up to learn, and in my opinion, the greatest attribute of Signify is to provide this without any limitations. Among other things to look for is a challenge, as it’s one of my greatest motivators and it keeps me engaged.


    What was the greatest challenge, and how did you manage it?


    WL: One of my highlights at Signify was the opportunity to manage the project of creating a video that showcases internship experiences across the Growth Markets and Greater China region. I did not have prior video making experience and was not a natural-born content creator, so it meant the need to constantly step out of my comfort zone. But with the guidance from my colleagues, we managed to overcome the various obstacles encountered along the way.


    Could you describe me your daily routine?


    WL: I would say my work is more project-based and so every day is like a new adventure! What I do depends largely on the problem we have to solve for the day, and our problems are always unique.


    We are the global leader in lighting.


    WL: When I think about Signify, this phrase stands the closest to my heart. I learned more about lighting during my stint with Signify, such as connected lighting systems, LiFi etc. And it really shows me that the possibilities of lighting are indeed endless.


    How would you wrap up your overall experience at Signify?


    WL: My journey at Signify was wonderful! The internship opened-up many opportunities for me to work on several meaningful projects, which I never expected myself to be able to perform. But ultimately, it is the people that I’ll miss the most. I met amazing individuals of different cultures and countries who never shy away from sharing their knowledge or experiences with me (regardless of career or life-related matters), and I am truly thankful for them.



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    Levente Pálóczi

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