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    Ledalite by Signify - Architectural Indoor Lighting
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    Ledalite Indoor Architectural Lighting

    Explore the entire offering of Ledalite's award-winning, inspiring, and innovative lighting solutions that allow specifiers to create a unique vision for commercial and institutional buildings.

    Product Highlights

    • SyncLine –  Performance that’s in sync with your budget

      SyncLine – Performance that’s in sync with your budget

      Ledalites SyncLine provides an affordable indoor lighting solution to educational, healthcare and office spaces using modern and aesthetic lighting designs.

    • NatureConnect – Bringing natural light indoors

      NatureConnect – Bringing natural light indoors

      Learn how NatureConnect enhances your wellbeing, boost your performance, and create an inspiring environment in your office, hospitality, or healthcare setting.

    • TruGroove


      TruGroove linear luminaires are available for suspended, surface, wall, recessed, perimeter and cove applications.

    Product Categories

    Architectural Linear Suspended
    Architectural Linear Suspended
    Architectural Linear Surface

    Architectural Linear Surface


    Architectural Linear Wall

    Architectural Linear Wall


    Architectural Cove & Perimeter
    Architectural Cove & Perimeter
    Architectural Linear Recessed
    Architectural Linear Recessed
    Architectural Recessed & Surface
    Architectural Recessed & Surface

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    Enhancing Life with Light.  

      Sounds a little lofty, but it's simple to achieve with Ledalite. Every product we invent is designed around how people see, with the goal to create spaces that feel bright and natural.

      The right lighting can increase visual comfort and maximize people's productivity. But we don't just design to meet these basic needs, we take it to the next level with architecturally pleasing, even illumination that does everything possible to minimize energy usage in a space.

    Lighting is a Science.


    In the true spirit of pushing the envelope of innovation, we turned to the science of nature to create a revolutionary technology we call MesoOptics.

    Inspired by the butterfly, MesoOptics offers the best possible combination of lighting control and brightness, with efficiencies that are almost 20% higher than traditional products.