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    Luminaire Brands

    A broad range of exit and emergency lighting products for day-to-day and architectural life-safety applications.
    Award-winning LED connected lighting solutions that create dramatic and dynamic lighting for indoor and outdoor applications.
    Affordable and energy efficient stand-alone and connected lighting solutions for general purpose commercial or industrial projects.
    Innovative, energy-saving luminaires that offer professional lighting designers and specifiers a high quality, stylish alternative for outdoor spaces.
    Landscape and outdoor lighting solutions to suit any commercial or residential project which require curb appeal and creating a sense of security.
    Award-winning, inspiring, and innovative lighting solutions that allow specifiers to create a unique vision for commercial and institutional buildings.
    Environmentally-friendly, efficient indoor track and downlighting solutions that perfectly blend aesthetic and performance for any budget.
    Contemporary and traditional luminaire styles that blend form and function in roadway and outdoor urban lighting.

    Broad selection of reliable and affordable general purpose outdoor luminaires that are easy to install, long lasting and energy efficient.



    lit brothers philadelphia

    Lit Brothers, Philadelphia


    The historic Lit Brothers Building is a mixed retail and office space comprised of 33 separate buildings that encompass an entire city block.


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    the edge Amsterdam

    The Edge, Amsterdam


    A state-of-the-art connected lighting system is managed by Interact Office software to create a more comfortable, productive, and sustainable working environment.


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    big river crossing memphis

    Big River Crossing, Memphis


    The Harahan Bridge and adjacent Big River Crossing boardwalk stretch across the Mississippi River, illuminating the night sky with dynamic LED lighting from Signify.


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    Atlas workbase

    ATLAS Workbase, Seattle


    A “flexible work space for the modern professional." These state-of-the-art offices host professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives of all types.


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    IoT, the Internet of Things


    Signify is powering smarter cities, more efficient buildings and innovative retail experiences by providing real-time data analytics from secure connected lighting systems and the Internet of Things.


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    jMake your own business more efficient
    and economical with circular lighting.


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    CLUE Competition

    Architects, engineers, lighting designers, and other specifying lighting industry professionals looking to stay abreast of the latest LED technology trends and information will benefit from these educational programs while earning CEU/AIA LU credits.

    Latest innovations

    color kinetics reachlite intellihue powercore

    Color Kinetics ReachElite IntelliHue Powercore


    High-performance long-throw exterior LED luminaire with IntelliHue technology


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    PureForm LED area large P34


    Signify Gardco PureForm bollard LED integrates a sleek, low profile design, extraordinary light output, and energy savings into an innovative pedestrian scale luminaire.


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    ledalite eyeline suspended

    Ledalite EyeLine suspended


    Stylishly sophisticated, boldly dramatic…Ledalite EyeLine is sure to make a statement in any architectural space.


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    lyteprofile generation 3

    LyteProfile generation 3


    The next generation Lightolier LyteProfile LED downlight has been redesigned to be flexible for your changing project needs.


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    Architects, engineers, lighting designers, and other specifying lighting industry professionals looking to stay abreast of the latest LED technology trends and information will benefit from these educational programs.

    AIA Webinar Series


    Register today to participate in our AIA webinar series on select Thursdays for the next few months. You’ll be able to earn CEU credits and learn more about the latest trends, innovations, and standards in lighting. Recordings and presentation slides will be made available to attendees.

    Industry trends

    PoE Lighting for Offices

    what is road off

    Companies must embrace the digital disruption to stay relevant, profitable and attract talent.  Internet of Things (IoT) is the central tenet of smart buildings where devices collect and share data about themselves, their users, their environments, and the other devices with which they connect. This data provides insights allowing businesses to maximize energy savings, optimize space and improve employee wellbeing and productivity.

    Connected Lighting: Beyond Illumination

    what is road off

    Imagine a world of beautifully illuminated indoor and outdoor spaces. Where every light point is connected to an intelligent system that delivers high-quality, reliable illumination and that serves as a pathway for information and services  to deliver extraordinary value beyond illumination to the users and managers of spaces.

    Introducing Signify LiFi Systems

    what is road off

    Take wireless internet connectivity to the next level when WiFi is limited. Wireless access to the internet or internal networks has become the standard in the global market. But with countless more connected devices and expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), shared bandwidth is already creating interference and security problems for some of our customers. Signify LiFi systems offer a new way to connect wirelessly using LED light.