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    Our wide range of indoor and outdoor connected lighting products and solutions are designed to support a variety of commercial, industry and residential applications.








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    Luxiflux zonal
    3D indoor zonal cavity calculation tool
    Luxiflux area
    3D outdoor calculation tool
    BIM/Revit files for easy download
    Out door configurator
    Formerly the Lumec 3D calculation tool

    Product and Brand Highlights

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    Ledalite TruGroove Perimeter
    Watch as we show our passion for the dramatic effects possible with TruGroove perimeter lighting and the high-performance lighting of our ambient and graze fixtures!
    Spotlight on Ledalite
    Happy 40th Birthday to Ledalite! Explore this unique and interactive application concept highlighting how Ledalite has changed the way commercial spaces can be designed.
    Lightolier video
    Lightolier: The Human Focus
    Our agent in the northeast, Lighting Environments, created a short documentary on the continuing legacy of an iconic brand that shaped the architectural industry!
    Ledalite TruGroove Black Finish Black Lens
    We’re excited to introduce the new TruGroove Black Finish Black Lens available in Suspended, Surface, Wall and Recessed versions.
    A Group of people having a discussion
    Introducing BioUp
    BioUp is a spectrally tunable technology allowing for minute adjustments to certain wavelengths in the LED light spectrum.

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    The Story of Signify

    Signify is the parent company of well-renowned lighting brands such as Philips, Lightolier, Ledalite and Gardco, just to name a few, and is regarded as the world leader in sustainable lighting innovations. Signify’s dedication to supporting architects, engineers, lighting designers, and other lighting professionals in choosing the right light for projects and the right budget has driven the brands under Signify to push the boundaries of what light can do and how people can use it, making our world safer, smarter, and more sustainable.