Smart poles
    for smart cities

    Introducing BrightSites

    BrightSites smart poles by Signify turbocharge cities’ infrastructure

    The digital transformation of public spaces is accelerating rapidly. Yet most components of a city’s digital backbone are insufficient to meet the modern connectivity needs of today and tomorrow. The BrightSites smart poles from Signify, offer an all-in-one solution – providing a broadband connectivity, 4G/5G and WiFi infrastructure, as well as platform for number of IoT applications. And all this, while maintaining the aesthetics of the urban environment.

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    Elegant and multi-functional design

    BrightSites offer an elegant and aesthetically pleasing multi-functional smart poles, making it a matching addition to your cityscape. BrightSites poles are available in various heights, colors, styles, enabling integration into any streetscape with optimal visual impact. 

    Easy deployment and scalability

    Mobile operators can deploy dozens or hundreds of cell sites quickly and easily, making it possible to densify network capacity and coverage with a minimal disruption.

    Digital pathway

    Signify BrightSites is the digital pathway of the modern city. Using the ubiquity of a city's existing street lighting infrastructure, BrightSites poles deliver 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Sigfox, fiber hubs, and a possibility to accommodate wide range of IoT applications.

    Energy Efficiency

    Philips LED lighting provides a cost-effectivelow-maintenance alternative to traditional street lighting – an important consideration for cities.



    Our smart poles are highly suitable for dense urban areas, historic or transit centers, corporate and college campuses and any other areas with coverage- or capacity-challenged environments. 

    Dense urban areas brightsites
    Dense urban areas
    Historic districts Brightsites
    Historic districts 
    transit centers brightsites
    Transit centers
    corporate and college campuses brightsites
    Corporate and college campuses

    Our solutions

    BrightSites H-Series Slim Pole

    BrightSites H-Series Slim

    • Integrated broadband connectivity, up to 4 radio units and 2 basebands from various vendors
    • A wide variety of digital technologies including Camera, WiFi, Air quality and other IoT sensors
    • Suitable for urban areas in historic or contemporary styles
    • Wide range of customization for lighting requirements
    • Transforms streetlight into assets
    smart street pole with 4G and 5G technology

    BrightSites T-Series Streamline

    (available only in US)

    • 4G and 5G mmWave* LTE technology
    • Up to 7 radio units from various vendors
    • Single and twin arm configuration
    • Compatible with most LED roadway luminaries
    • 5G mmWave radios available with Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung*


    * check with factory for 5G mmWave configurations


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    Why BrightSites by Signify?


    As the world leader in lighting, we have leveraged our deep expertise in the public sector. BrightSites by Signify delivers an innovative infrastructure solution that promotes city livability, connectivity, and allows municipalities around the world to deliver Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G LTE as well as IoT applications to its residents while maintaining the city’s aesthetics. This smart infrastructure will support multiple wireless platforms and will provide a standardized, aesthetically pleasing, solution with all components enclosed and obscured from public view.

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