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    Do you see the surging need of network densification in and around cities? Do you want to overcome this complexity by transforming existing outdoor lighting fixture into a connectivity grid? Look around you — streetlighting is everywhere. And in your outdoor lighting infrastructure you have a ready-built foundation for city-wide connectivity. Think of your streetlights as nodes on a network. Until now, connecting them to smart pole fixtures was possible but time consuming; you needed to dig up the road and lay costly fiber. But those days are over.

    BrightSites by Signify is an end-to-end, wireless, and scalable solution that's both affordable and sustainable. Say goodbye to disrupting your city scape and accelerate the digital transformation.
    The future has arrived.

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    Imagine the city where WI-FI and 4G/5G coverage is available and seamless wherever you go. Where there‘s not a single coverage blackspot. Now, via our end-to-end solution, cities can become, connected to form a high-bandwidth wireless network. A network interspersed with smart poles and digital kiosks enabled by luminaries with Gbit technology is capable of densifying communication networks and hosting digital equipment, sensors and cameras.



    Light is everywhere

    Your lighting infrastructure spans the length and breadth of your city. It's the foundation of your smart city ecosystem.

    Broadband connectivity

    Everyone gets ubiquitous high speed connectivity anywhere. BrightSites by Signify provides the backbone for 4G/5G connectivity.

    Get set up quickly

    Fast, wireless connection means there's no need to dig up roads and sidewalks. Almost an instant set-up.
    Energy saving

    Low-cost and green

    By leveraging the current urban infrastructure, our solution improves energy efficiency and reduces costs.



    BrightSites by Signify can make an incredible difference to a city. Our end-to-end solution can be integrated simply and seamlessly into the urban environment without creating visual clutter. People benefit from faster, better, more available mobile access to their digital worlds today, and even more capabilities in the future.

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    BrightSites by Signify is equipped with the Interact City software, meaning you can manage all of your lighting assets and monitor energy use from one single dashboard. Read more about the Interact City offering, and how connecting your lighting can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

    How do you make your city smarter and more livable?


    Interact City connected LED lighting system and management software provides you with a robust infrastructure to improve city services, enhance citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride.

    Flipping the green switch on the EU and US Green Deals


    Signify, the world leader in lighting, has created the Green Switch program to support the EU's Green Deal and the US' America Is All In initiative. LED and connected lighting offer two of the simplest and most often overlooked paths to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Not only that, but IoT capabilities built on top of the connected lighting infrastructure can help make the smart future a reality today, spurring job creation and driving prosperity.

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