Signify supports the smart city vision of the German municipality of Eichenzell

    Municipality of Eichenzell, Germany


    Signify's BrightSites solution supports Eichenzell's smart city strategy and opens numerous opportunities for a progressive and digital urban infrastructure by building a platform for wireless broadband connectivity.

    “Eichenzell has experience with the use of future technologies. As a municipality that set its own standards early on with its nationwide fiber optic network (FTTH broadband), it was clear that we would also rely on future-proof innovations as a Smart City model project. Signify's lighting and connectivity solutions, in conjunction with utility company RhönEnergie Fulda, are setting new standards for future Smart City projects throughout Germany.”


    Johannes Rothmund, Mayor of the Municipality of Eichenzell

    The Opportunity

    Eichenzell was one of the few German municipalities selected by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community to become a model municipality as part of the German Smart City funding project, which aims at deploying open and innovative technologies to accelerate the current German digitalisation strategy.

    The Solution

    Signify’s BrightSites solution uses lighting infrastructure to build a platform for wireless broadband connectivity to cater for any IoT broadband applications as well as 5G densification. Eichenzell marks the first in Germany to deploy the solution in a very fast, cost-effective and sustainable way. This brings the city one step further in their smart city plans.


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    Case Studies

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    • Virginia Smart Community

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      Signify is part of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed in the USA with BrightSites Broadband Luminaire solution. The BrightSites solution enables cities to build a foundation for a sustainable and digital smart city through light.

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