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Signify Foundation

We are delighted to announce that with the new name of the Corporate affiliate, from Philips Lighting to Signify, our foundation name has been changed to Signify Foundation, effective October 15, 2018.

Corporate Social responsibility

About us

The Signify Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting underprivileged and underserved communities across the world by enabling access to light. When pursuing this mission, the Foundation expects to leverage on Signify’s expertise and knowledge to help develop and provide easily-accessible, sustainable lighting systems that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.


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Our focus

We help to create positive change in developing and disaster-affected locations by focusing our efforts in three key areas:

  • Lighting lives
  • Lighting entrepreneurs
  • Humanitarian lighting


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Our partners

Through our projects, we partner with and support intermediaries across the value chain, ranging from manufacturer to distributors and technical training institutes to financing agencies. It is our role to link these value chain intermediaries, to foster an ecosystem approach to tackle their barriers to growth and scalability. This approach helps structurally address weaknesses across the entire value chain so that strengthening one link helps to strengthen the next link in the chain.


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Our stories

Here are stories of partners and projects from across the geographies and contexts that we operate in. Through these we hope to give you a glimpse into the lives of the people who have come on a journey with us.


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Annual report

The Annual Report provides us a platform to transparently share information on our activities and finances over the year. We invite your feedback to help us improve.


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Highlight projects

  • Lighting for displaced people – Beqaa valley, Lebanon

    Lighting for displaced people – Beqaa valley, Lebanon

    Together with Jusoor and Signify Middle East & Turkey, we brough light to Syrian refugee homes and schools in Lebanon, impacting lives of 6,000 people.

  • Bright energy saving villages, Indonesia

    Bright energy saving villages, Indonesia

    Access to light for communities in off-grid villages through Kampung Terang Hemat Energi (Bright Energy-Saving Villages) Indonesia. A 2017 – 2018 program where approximately 25 villages in North Sumatra, East Bali, Central Kalimantan and Maluku will be provided with innovative, solar-based LED lighting technology.

  • Can light tackle gender-based violence?

    Can light tackle gender-based violence?

    Sitting on the floor of the women’s protection centre at the Rohingya refugee camp, surrounded by a group of regulars, and I am struck by two things; one, these are adolescent and pre-adolescent little girls – not yet women; and two, all the girls have make up on – red lipstick, powdery pink eye shadow, glitter on their cheeks, shiny clips in their hair.

Registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI), RSIN number 857684553.

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