Signify brings Broadband Connectivity to Chatou

    Chatou, France


    Chatou upgrades streetlights with Signify’s BrightSites and Interact City solution. It allows the city to establish a highly sustainable society using the power of wireless technology.

    Chatou broadband connectivity video

    “Connected light poles are all about networking. Particularly, we need to bring Internet connectivity to all our equipment to provide services, and we previously had no choice but to open-up the sidewalks and deploy fiber. With Signify’s BrightSites solution, we're freed from all these constraints and costs, and can benefit from very high-speed Wi-Fi between the luminaires, bringing connectivity as close as possible to where it's needed"


    Guillaume Girard, Digital Projects Manager, City of Chatou

    The Opportunity

    The ambitious Cœur d’Europe initiative was launched in Chatou, France. This project aims to revamp the public spaces in the neighborhood, enhancing the charm, attractiveness, and commercial activities through innovative technologies. 

    The Solution


    Signify has installed its BrightSites solution which enables Public Wi-Fi and Digital Screens wirelessly at gigabit speed. The streetlights are further equipped with Interact City which allows remote monitoring of the light infrastructure. Both combined accelerate the smart city plan by bringing multiple use cases on a single platform.


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    Case Studies

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