Lighting Grid Network to deploy 5G and improve city services

    City of Tampere, Finland


    BrightSites uses the City’s streetlights network to deliver city-wide connectivity, together with Edzcom. It allows the city to create the most sustainable society using the power of technology.

    "Tampere's ambition is to create the most sustainable society using the power of digitalization and technology. We are building a human centric society that benefits unrivalled opportunities for our citizens and businesses. It’s a society that lives on real time data driven actionable insights.
     We have partnered with two industry leading companies Signify and Edzcom to create the foundation of such a society. With their technology and services, Tampere aims to achieve the leap forward in its ambition to create the society we strive for."


    Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director, City of Tampere

    The Opportunity

    Tampere’s ambition is to create the most sustainable society using the power of digitalization and technology. It is using and testing diverse new technologies to advance on their digital agenda, aiming to improve digital services and provide a highly connected environment. The ultimate objective of the city is to become a human centric city and the use of connected solutions shall accelerate this goal.

    The Solution

    The City of Tampere introduced the BrightSites solution and embedded a wireless gigabit network in the lighting fixtures, creating a neutral host network that offers the full granularity of the lighting grid, as opposed to the more limited fiber point-of-presence. It accelerated the deployment of their Smart City agenda with multiple use cases on a single platform.

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    Case Studies

    • Bond Street Westminster London

      Bond Street Westminster London

      In Westminster London, BrightSites solution builds a citywide mesh network which caters to the increasing demand of IoT devices.

    • Tilburg


      Tilburg municipality and Signify worked together to create an innovative wireless infrastructure using lighting fixtures for various IoT use cases.

    • High Tech Campus

      High Tech Campus

      Signify and 5G Hub in High Tech Campus in Eindhoven built a demonstrator using the BrightSites solution, exploring various innovative 5G use cases.

    • City of Mesa

      City of Mesa

      The City of Mesa Arizona worked with Signify to transform existing streetlight into a platform for broadband connectivity, as part of their smart city project.

    • Virginia Smart Community

      Virginia Smart Community

      Signify is part of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed in the USA with BrightSites Broadband Luminaire solution. The BrightSites solution enables cities to build a foundation for a sustainable and digital smart city through light.

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