Plugging the next-generation IoT into a data-driven city in Spain

    Cartagena, Spain


    Signify BrightSites delivers wireless broadband connectivity in the City of Cartagena through its lighting infrastructure, allowing it to create a data-driven city for a more sustainable society.

    “In collaboration with Signify and Libelium, we've developed a cutting-edge project that gathers real-time information on air quality and noise, all while preserving the natural beauty of the cityscape.
    Our innovative approach replaces unsightly antennas and cables with smart streetlights that seamlessly integrate into the urban landscape. By harnessing the power of technology, we can create a smarter, more sustainable city that truly serves the needs of its residents.“


    Cristina Mora, Delegate of the Sustainable City and European Projects, Council of Cartagena

    The Opportunity

    The City of Cartagena aims to establish an innovative and adaptive solution for urban security, surveillance, and event monitoring. To achieve this objective, a public-private partnership was created and received funding from EIT Digital 2022, a program dedicated to reinforcing a digital Europe.

    The Solution


    Signify BrightSites delivers the Connectivity Grid of the Future that provides wireless broadband connectivity via lighting infrastructure in the City of Cartagena, eliminating the need for fiber trenching. This will greatly enhance the City's smart city initiatives by facilitating a swift deployment of environmental sensors, and future video surveillance and 4G/5G applications. Additionally, this innovative solution will generate recurring revenue streams for the City through its infrastructure.


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    Case Studies

    • Eichenzell


      Signify's BrightSites solution supports Eichenzell's smart city strategy and opens numerous opportunities for a progressive and digital urban infrastructure.

    • Tilburg


      Tilburg municipality and Signify worked together to create an innovative wireless infrastructure using lighting fixtures for various IoT use cases.

    • Bond Street Westminster London

      Bond Street Westminster London

      In Westminster London, BrightSites solution builds a citywide mesh network which caters to the increasing demand of IoT devices.

    • High Tech Campus

      High Tech Campus

      Signify and 5G Hub in High Tech Campus in Eindhoven built a demonstrator using the BrightSites solution, exploring various innovative 5G use cases.

    • City of Tampere

      City of Tampere

      The City of Tampere has embedded a wireless gigabit network in the lighting fixtures, creating a neutral host network.

    • Virginia Smart Community

      Virginia Smart Community

      Signify is part of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed in the USA with BrightSites Broadband Luminaire solution. The BrightSites solution enables cities to build a foundation for a sustainable and digital smart city through light.

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