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    BrightSites by Signify


    If you are serious about extending broadband throughout your city, BrightSites is what you’ve been waiting for. BrightSites transforms legacy street lighting infrastructure into a platform of scalable broadband connectivity. It removes barriers of entry including trenching fiber to every location and requires only a fraction of time and costs compared to traditional methods of extending broadband connectivity.


    Our end-to-end solution includes…

    Broadband Luminaires

    Our Broadband Luminaires enable the creation of virtual fiber backhaul. This solution allows a faster time to market of broadband applications such as 5G Small Cells, IoT applications, Fixed Wireless Access and much more. Further, it provides scalability to serve the connectivity demand as needed in an aesthetic manner.


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    Smart Poles

    Our smart poles are an industry leading all-in-one concealment solution providing broadband connectivity, a 4G/5G and Wi-Fi infrastructure, as well as a platform for number of IoT applications. And all this, while maintaining the aesthetics of the urban environment.


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    Digital Smart Hubs

    Our digital smart hubs are free-standing digital kiosks that form the heart of the connectivity grid in the city. They feature edge computing, baseband capacity, fiber injection node, digital display screens and a user interface for interactive services. Additionally, they provide a platform to host multiple services and applications required for digital needs of a city.


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    Interact City

    Interact City connected LED lighting system and management software provides you with a robust infrastructure to improve city services, enhance citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride.


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