Green Switch

    The time to switch to LED is now


    Switching to LED and connected LED lighting is one of the quickest, most effective, and most often overlooked ways to make progress toward your sustainability goals.

    The opportunity is enormous. Switching businesses and cities around the globe to LED lighting would eliminate 553 million tonnes of global CO2 emissions and save 1,132 TWh of energy—enough to power 494 million households for a year.

    Financing, funding, and subsidies have been made available in many regions of the world to benefit municipalities, private companies, and citizens looking to shrink their energy and carbon footprints. Signify has created the Green Switch program to help organizations and individuals take advantage of these initiatives.


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    Switching all conventional light points globally to connected LED could save annually:

    553 million tonnes

    of CO2e emissions

    1,132 TWh

    of electricity consumption

    €177 billion

    in electricity costs

    How we help you make the Green Switch


    1. Consult

    We help you understand how LED and connected lighting can support your sustainability goals

    2. Plan

    We work with you to specify the right lighting products, systems, and services

    3. Enable

     We guide and support you in getting your lighting project financed or funded

    4. Install

    We assist you in setting up your lighting solution and measuring its sustainability impact

    How the Green Switch can help make your city a sustainability leader


    Lighting represents up to 40% of total electricity usage in a typical city.

    LED lighting, connected LED lighting, and solar lighting along roadways, in public outdoor spaces, and in municipal offices and buildings offer one of the fastest ways to cut electricity consumption, costs, and carbon emissions, helping your city become a sustainability leader.


    Green Switch for cities

    How the Green Switch can help your business become a model of efficiency

    Globally, 30% of listed companies have sustainability-linked performance measures in their plans.

    As the world leader in lighting, Signify has deep expertise and an unmatched range of professional products, systems, and services to help you reach your sustainability targets.

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    Make the Green Switch today

    Signify estimates are based on numerous sources, references, and data points
    *Learn more about our calculation model and references
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