Large-scale project in China tackles emissions and brings digital transformation

    Huanggang, Hubei Province, China


    Signify has delivered a sustainable street lighting solution in Huanggang, incorporating real-time monitoring and management, LED displays, cameras, sensors, and Wi-Fi to help transform the city into a smart city benchmark for sustainable development in China.

    “Signify's smart street lighting solution not only creates a safer and more comfortable environment for staff to travel and work in Huanggang Industrial Park, but also significantly reduces lighting energy consumption and operating costs. It has laid a solid foundation for the digital transformation and upgrade of the park and the city, and definitely will help boost urban sustainable development and new smart city construction. “


    Shiju Xie, Director of Engineering Department, Huanggang Rong Construction Investment Co. 

    The Opportunity

    Hubei Province in China is promoting sustainable development by incorporating its national carbon goals into ecological civilization construction. The province is focusing on building smart cities, including digital communities and smart parks, while Huanggang city is aiming to improve road lighting quality and achieve sustainable development goals through street lighting retrofit projects.

    The Solution


    Signify has delivered an integrated street lighting solution in Huanggang that combines real-time monitoring and management with a stunning aesthetic design. The solution seamlessly blends into the urban environment and offers scalable and modular designs for easy management. With LED displays, cameras, sensors, and Wi-Fi, Signify BrightSites is helping Huanggang transform into a smart city, serving as a benchmark for future sustainable and digitalized cities in China.


    Read the press release from Signify here


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    Case Studies

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