The 5G Hub deploys 5G technology through lighting in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

    5G Hub, High Tech Campus, the Netherlands


    Signify and the 5G Hub built a 5G network using the innovative BrightSites solution in the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. This initiative explores various use cases, including 5G small cells, showcasing the commercial use in dense urban areas.

    "Signify and Ericsson have built a demonstrator in which Ericsson's 4G and 5G equipment connects to the telecom backbone via Signify's broadband luminaires. This works smoothly and can be an exciting complement for 5G densification in a city environment."


    Andreas Daun, CTO Key Account Team (NL), Ericsson

    The Opportunity

    As part of the 5G Hub, the innovation center at the High Tech Campus, Ericsson and Vodafone are exploring innovative 5G technology to create exciting use cases and develop solutions that can be used commercially. At the same time, High Tech Campus is dedicated to making the whole business park smarter and connected by allowing 3rd parties to implement and test innovative technologies and use cases.

    The Solution

    In a joint initiative, 5G Hub and Signify built a demonstrator using BrightSites’ Broadband Luminaires to backhaul a 4G/5G small cell that will enable various 5G use cases. In parallel to this the BrightSites installation backhauls Wi-Fi units and provides internet connectivity for pop-up stores and in this way demonstrates its various possibilities for the commercial use in dense urban areas.


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    Case Studies

    • Tilburg


      Tilburg municipality and Signify worked together to create an innovative wireless infrastructure using lighting fixtures for various IoT use cases.

    • Bond Street Westminster London

      Bond Street Westminster London

      In Westminster London, BrightSites solution builds a citywide mesh network which caters to the increasing demand of IoT devices.

    • City of Mesa

      City of Mesa

      The City of Mesa Arizona worked with Signify to transform existing streetlight into a platform for broadband connectivity, as part of their smart city project.

    • City of Tampere

      City of Tampere

      The City of Tampere has embedded a wireless gigabit network in the lighting fixtures, creating a neutral host network.

    • Virginia Smart Community

      Virginia Smart Community

      Signify is part of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed in the USA with BrightSites Broadband Luminaire solution. The BrightSites solution enables cities to build a foundation for a sustainable and digital smart city through light.

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