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    • Lighting designers, architects and engineers

      Lighting designers, architects and engineers

      Here, you’ll find the latest ground-breaking lighting projects, events, training and tools to help you use lighting to bring your lighting vision and designs to life.

    • System Integrators

      System Integrators

      To expand in the exciting world of connected lighting, we're partnering with system integrators who gain access to our specialized portfolio, APIs and services.

    • Installers & Wholesalers

      Installers & Wholesalers

      We offer a best-in-class portfolio for our trade partners. Discover the latest innovations, trends, training and lighting knowledge.

    • OEM


      We enable the heart of the lighting industry. With a wide portfolio of lighting components, industry-leading connected system and digital tools & services, we enable you to bring qualitative and sustainable solutions to the market.

    a lighting expert

    Signify Lighting Academy

    Signify Lighting Academy offers a comprehensive range of educational resources, such as webinars, online courses and publications to empower your lighting knowledge. The educational lighting materials are provided by world-class lighting experts and professionals. Self-learning has never been easier than it is now. Be brighter by the day!


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    Lighting services


    Signify’s lighting services take care of your lighting, so you can take care of your business.

    We tailor services to you: Lighting Services to ensure the best lighting for your needs; Life Cycle Services to extend the life of your investment; and Managed Services where we design, build, manage and operate.

    Case studies

    • Solar Streelighting at Falcon City of Wonders, Dubai

      Solar Streelighting at Falcon City of Wonders, Dubai

      Signify ‘s vertically integrated solar street lighting helps falcon city of wonders to significantly contribute towards the project sustainability goals.

    • Bratislava smart lighting

      Bratislava smart lighting

      New advanced LED street lighting technology from Signify will significantly reduce Bratislava's carbon footprint by 672 tons of CO2 per year.

    • IWG Battersea London

      IWG Battersea London

      NatureConnect by Signify helped IWG to create spaces with the sense of sunlight and a blue sky to experience daylight in the windowless rooms.

    Terms and Conditions for Sale of Products and Services


    The Terms and Conditions for Sale of Products and Services (“Sales Terms”) of Signify apply to the sale or supply of all products or systems (“Products”) and the performance of all services (which includes any software provided as a service) (“Services”) by any legal entity of Signify to its professional or business customers, subject to any different or additional terms agreed to in a legally enforceable agreement executed between Signify and any such customer. The Sales Terms do not apply to purchases by individual consumers.


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    Software lifecycle

    Software Services may reach the end of their life cycle for several reasons, such as shifting market demands, technology innovation, evolving eco-systems, or the Software Services simply matured over time and are replaced by other functionality or technology.

    With the end-of-life policy Signify aims to inform and help its customers managing end-of-life transitions of professional software services.


    Software Services Availability

    With the Availability of Software Services Policy, Signify aims to inform its customers how availability of the Signify professional software services is defined, calculated and being dealt with in case of deviations from the availability targets.