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    The Signify Lighting Academy is a learning platform that offers you all relevant educational resources, mainly coming with assessment tests (certificate handouts). The platform has publications, courses and events through which you can easily learn all about lighting. Take a course now, watch the short videos, test your knowledge, and get your certificate. Become a lighting expert!

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    Most popular

    • The second street Tunnel

      The second street Tunnel

      Watch this webinar to understand the unique lighting story behind the 2nd Street Tunnel in the USA.

    • Lighting for Health and Well-being

      Lighting for Health and Well-being

      The recording of this webinar will be available soon.

    • Ancient practices and Traditional Way of Life

      Ancient practices and Traditional Way of Life

      Watch this webinar to understand why we should move towards minimalism to conserve depleting resources.

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    This page showcases the recordings of all the Lighting University webinars that we ever broadcasted. They can be freely accessed online.

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