Product Security

    Do you want to report a vulnerability?

    Do you want to report a vulnerability?


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    Consumer brands

    Are you interested in the security of our consumer products?


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    Are you interested in the security of our professional products?


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    Security advisory

    Security advisory


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    Signify’s product security is focusing on the security of data processed by, or in relation to our products. Security is embedded in all aspects of our innovation, products, systems, and services. Our security is built on a strong foundation of international security standards, governance, and procedures. Our development and maintenance processes are aligned with and follow industry best practices.


    Our implementation of the Information Security Management System includes risk and vulnerability assessment. Following our Secure Software Development Lifecycle, security is embedded in all phases of our product development. A network of security architects and security champions within the development teams support security activities related to product development, such as risk and vulnerability management, testing and incident management.

    Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure


    Signify encourages the security community to report vulnerabilities discovered within our products. Coordinated vulnerability disclosure contributes to finding vulnerabilities before they are exploited and triggers our incident management process. Our security event management is supported by a network of security experts and best practice incident management processes.


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    Consumer Brands


    The security of Signify’s smart home lighting solutions (Philips Hue, WiZ) is designed based on international standards, and follow industry best practices.


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    Professional Systems and Services


    Signify offers connected lighting for a variety of customers and users. We sell professional products under the brand Philips, Interact, Color Kinetics and others. The implementation of our security requirements and the assurance of these are very important.


    Do you want to learn more about the security of professional systems and services or are you interested in the Security Advisories for these products?


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    Product Security Statement


    At Signify, connected lighting systems are core to our business. As the number of such IoT-enabled devices increases day-by-day, and as they become more deeply embedded in home, building and street lighting networks, security of the products and processes and responsibilities how we make them become more crucial and therefore more valuable.


    Do you want to know more about our philosophy, approach, governance on product security?


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