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    From the dawn of the electric light, we’ve pioneered many breakthroughs in our industry. We continually challenge ourselves - from remarkable and circular lighting designs created through 3D printing, to lights that give you fast internet connectivity via Li-Fi.


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    Signify Innovations


    Explore how we use technology to make constant improvements and drive lighting forward, including LiFi, 3D printing, digital solutions and bringing natural light indoors.



    For each stage of chemical development lighting is vital for reducing waste and optimizing synthesis.


    Signify (former Philips Lighting) has a long tradition in delivering photochemical solutions. From conventional lighting to LED lighting.


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    Trulifi scene



    Trulifi by Signify is the perfect solution. It’s a range of LiFi systems, providing two-way wireless communication that provides consistent high-speed connectivity, unique physical security and has low latency for real time data streaming.


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    3D Printing


    Today’s choice in lighting is 3D printed. Philips MyCreation enables you to create remarkable and sustainable lighting designs. Fitting your brand and spaces seamlessly. Delivered directly to your business. Saving on time, energy, waste and transportation.


    Discover 3D Printing

    NatureConnect Scene



    NatureConnect mimics daylight by simulating the sun's daily patterns, and replicates a view of the sky using light recipes that boost energy levels and help indoor spaces feel in sync with nature.
    Transform your indoor areas into productive, inspiring and relaxing spaces with NatureConnect. 


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    BrightSites by Signify is an end-to-end, wireless, and scalable solution that's both affordable and sustainable. Say goodbye to disrupting your city scape and accelerate the digital transformation.
The future has arrived.


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    Case studies

    • Solar Streelighting at Falcon City of Wonders, Dubai

      Solar Streelighting at Falcon City of Wonders, Dubai

      Signify ‘s vertically integrated solar street lighting helps falcon city of wonders to significantly contribute towards the project sustainability goals.

    • Bratislava smart lighting

      Bratislava smart lighting

      New advanced LED street lighting technology from Signify will significantly reduce Bratislava's carbon footprint by 672 tons of CO2 per year.

    Explore innovation articles

    • Carrefour IoT shopping

      Carrefour IoT shopping

      Carrefour is using an innovative indoor positioning system from Signify to transform the shopping experience.

    • Interact IoT platform

      Interact IoT platform

      The Interact IoT platform enables you to benefit from edge technologies, big data processing and analytics, and machine learning.

    Signify shines bright:
    a multitude of prestigious awards

    Reddot design award logo

    RedDot Design Awards


    Signify recently won multiple industry accolades, highlighting our persistent focus on innovation and forward-thinking design.


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    IF Design Awards Logo

    IF Design Awards


    We received awards for both indoor and outdoor products, from an award that champions extraordinary design.


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    Zhaga Awards logo

    Zhaga Awards


    The Philips Outdoor multisensor was judged the market’s standout multifunctional sensor in 2023.


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    Philips and Hue logos

    Light your home smarter


    In 2012 we launched Philips Hue, the world’s leading smart home lighting system. It’s grown to become an ecosystem of products that work seamlessly with all major smart home platforms and more than 750 apps.


    Discover more at

    Philips Hue Scene