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    Our innovation leadership

    Innovation is in our DNA. From the dawn of the electric light, we’ve pioneered many of the breakthroughs in our industry. It was our scientists that developed the first 60W replacement LED light bulb as well as the world’s most energy efficient light bulb.

    This tradition continues to guide us


    We challenge ourselves daily to better serve our customers with ground breaking innovations - from ‘light recipes’ that increase the quality and yield of different vegetables, to lights that give you fast internet connectivity via Li-Fi. Yet we don’t do this in isolation. Our policy of ‘Open Innovation’ sees us partner with some of the world’s top universities, institutes and start-ups.

    Broadband data through light


    In 2018 Signify became the first global lighting company to LiFi-enable normal office lighting fixtures. Our game-changing technology provides a fast, stable broadband connection through light waves. It’s ideal in areas where WiFi cannot be used or where there’s poor or no wireless connection.


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    Welcome to intelligent lighting


    Interact IoT Platform enables connected LED lighting systems and embedded sensor networks to deliver insights, benefits and new services to customers. It makes lighting intelligent. Delivering an IoT ecosystem for our partners, customers and developers powered by the world's largest network – connected LED lighting.


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    NatureConnect brings daylight indoors


    We spend a lot of our time indoors, often in locations without windows or proper access to daylight. Studies show that the natural light has a huge impact on productivity and alertness, reduces stress and contributes to better sleep.


    How does it work? NatureConnect mimics daylight and replicates a view to the sky using light scenes that boost energy levels and help windowless spaces feel in sync with nature.


    Transform your indoor areas into productive, inspiring, and relaxing spaces with NatureConnect.


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    The connectivity grid of the future


    At Signify, we transform the legacy lighting infrastructure into a platform of scalable connectivity. Wireless connectivity has become an essential element of modern city infrastructure. It helps to attract businesses and talent, provides information for visitors and citizens. With our solution we help you to build the foundation of a sustainable, digital smart city.

    Are you ready to join our future?


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    Guided by the light


    In 2014 we launched our indoor positioning system which uses light fixtures that transmit their location through light waves. This allows retailers to offer location-based services to boost sales and customer loyalty.


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    Light to make your tomatoes taste sweeter


    Our horticultural lighting experts have created special ‘light recipes’ tailored to the unique requirements of particular plants and vegetables. These enable growers to improve quality, taste and yield while saving operating costs.



    Light your home smarter


    In 2012 we launched Philips Hue, the world’s leading smart home lighting system. It’s grown to become an ecosystem of products that work seamlessly with all major smart home platforms and more than 750 apps. Hue is able to wake you up more naturally, energize and relax you. It allows you to create new experiences such as syncing your lights with music, games and movies.


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