Empowering La Quinta: X Park integrates Signify BrightSites Solution

    La Quinta, The United States


    Signify has revolutionized the skatepark experience by delivering wireless network coverage through outdoor lighting infrastructure. Unlike traditional fiber optics, the BrightSites solution provides broadband connectivity without invasive, expensive digging.

    “The performance test conducted on Signify's wireless broadband technology at the La Quinta X-Park was a resounding success. 
    It was very impressive with a simple 1Gig Connection, and we’re liking how walking around the park resulted in no drop in connectivity nor quality. The seamless connectivity and high-quality streaming were truly impressive, demonstrating the ability to scale moving forward as we plan for major events."


    Doug Kinley III, City of La Quinta

    The Opportunity

    La Quinta X Park, the largest skate and BMX park in Coachella Valley, has earned high praise from pro skateboarder Tony Hawk as 'one of the best parks' and 'first class'. The park places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional experiences for skateboarders and wheel sports enthusiasts, while also maintaining a commitment to innovation in its design and features.

    The Solution


    The X Park in La Quinta has deployed the innovative Signify BrightSites solution. Leveraging wireless technology via broadband enabled light fixtures, the solution provides a fiber-like connectivity experience, which sets the foundation for future use cases.


    High-speed connectivity supports national sporting competitions with live streaming capabilities, attracting sponsors and visitors.


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    Case Studies

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      The City of Tampere has embedded a wireless gigabit network in the lighting fixtures, creating a neutral host network.

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