Pioneers of Light


    Priastini Amrita


    “Nowadays, lighting technology has become an essential element in architectural design. We need more lighting to adorn our buildings.”


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    Spirituality clothed in light


    Helping to guide prayer with light, the Grand Mosque of West Sumatra demonstrates how lighting design can enhance religious activity – both spiritual and social. 


    Architect: Urbane

    Lighting designer: Penta architecture


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    Pioneers of Light’s mission

    Pioneers of Light is a community of the world’s top architects, lighting designers and engineers, united by a passion for realizing their visions through innovative lighting. We guide and inspire the next generation to deliver sustainable lighting solutions that make the world a better and brighter place.


    • Winners of CLUE Edition 05

      Winners of CLUE Edition 05

      CLUE has set itself the goal of encouraging and challenging young designers and emerging Professionals to develop innovative lighting concepts.

    • 3D Printing for lighting

      3D Printing for lighting

      Join this webinar on Feb 27, 2020 to learn how 3D printing contributes to sustainability and supports circular economy.

    • Innovation


      Advances in 3D printing allow architects, interior designers and lighting designers to specify custom luminaires for every project at an affordable price.

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