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    Sabrina Mandel

    “My challenge as a lighting designer is to ensure everyone is as surprised as I am by the greatness and magic of light.”


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    An ever-changing luminous canvas painted by nature


    The illuminated canvas adapts to natural elements to create a living digital artwork that is unique to each visit.


    Coaticook Suspended Footbridge, Quebec, Canada


    Lighting designer: Garou Blancan, cadabra


    Luminaires: Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2


    Photo © Ulysse Lemerise / OSA


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    The new, compact Luma gen2 Nano luminaire


    The new Philips luminaire Luma gen2 Nano is the most compact of its range, making it perfect for urban lighting. Height: 130mm. Width: 293mm. Length: 557mm. Available now.


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    Luminous sculpture lights a path for air and train travelers


    A 27-foot sculpture of changeable dynamic light, Luminous Wind celebrates the symbiotic relationship between illumination and nature.


    Lighting designer: Haddad|Drugan LLC and RGB Lights

    Artist: Haddad|Drugan LLC

    Luminaires: Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2


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    Spotlight on sustainable design in India


    Thanks to its rapidly expanding economy, India is making its presence felt across the globe — but do its sustainable design practices match up?


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    Pioneers of Light’s mission

    Pioneers of Light is a community of the world’s top architects, lighting designers and engineers, united by a passion for realizing their visions through innovative lighting. We guide and inspire the next generation to deliver sustainable lighting solutions that make the world a better and brighter place.


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