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    Nirmit Jhaveri


    “Light becomes an integral part of the project when it's a seamless part of the architecture.”


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    On-pitch success with UV-C disinfection lighting


    Find out why Eredivisie team, PSV Eindhoven, chose UV-C upper air disinfection lighting for various rooms in their sports complexes.


    Client: PSV Eindhoven


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    Spotlight on sustainable design in the Nordics 


    Known for its extreme weather and breath-taking scenery, how do the Nordics fare with sustainable design?


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    Pioneers of Light’s mission

    Pioneers of Light is a community of the world’s top architects, lighting designers and engineers, united by a passion for realizing their visions through innovative lighting. We guide and inspire the next generation to deliver sustainable lighting solutions that make the world a better and brighter place.


    • Do we own the night?

      Do we own the night?

      Attend this webinar to understand from our eminent speaker ideas for visual planning in public, outdoor spaces in order to conserve the night.

    • Greener buildings can tackle climate change

      Greener buildings can tackle climate change

      Smart Cities World shows how innovative policies and technologies can reduce building emissions to support carbon neutrality and green initiatives.

    • The IoT in 2021 and beyond: the road ahead

      The IoT in 2021 and beyond: the road ahead

      Nobody could have predicted the pace of innovation spurred by COVID-19 in 2020. What can we expect in 2021 and beyond?

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