Pioneers of Light


    Akshay Lakhanpal


    "Smart lighting has the potential for control and customization, and can therefore impact design like never before."


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    Responsive lighting display reacts to your speed


    De Zwerm Underpass’ dynamic, responsive lighting display changes depending on speed, traffic flow and temperature, making it an iconic landmark. 


    Lighting designer: Frank Tjepkema


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    Pioneers of Light’s mission

    Pioneers of Light is a community of the world’s top architects, lighting designers and engineers, united by a passion for realizing their visions through innovative lighting. We guide and inspire the next generation to deliver sustainable lighting solutions that make the world a better and brighter place.


    • Leveraging LiFi

      Leveraging LiFi

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    • Listen to the Winners - CLUE 05

      Listen to the Winners - CLUE 05

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    • Biophilic Design

      Biophilic Design

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