Signify & Vantage Towers deliver Neutral Host Infrastructure in Spain


    Cartagena, Spain


    Signify and Vantage Towers set a new standard to build Neutral Infrastructure in Spain, transforming existing streetlights into a wireless communication grid, empowering Cartagena with enhanced digital broadband services.

    “By utilizing existing streetlights with integrated wireless technology, we are setting a new standard in the Neutral Host infrastructure facilitating the deployment of digital broadband services for the citizens. Working alongside the dedicated teams at Signify BrightSites and Vantage Towers has been inspiring, and I am proud of our collective efforts to deliver innovative solutions that positively impact communities."


    Jaime Abril, Head of Business and Product Development, Vantage Towers

    The Opportunity

    Vantage Towers enables Europe’s digital transformation by providing its high-quality infrastructure to citizens in urban spaces. Paired with cities plan to create a smart, clean and efficient city landscape form the starting point for this project surrounding the University of Cartagena. Vantage Towers is one of Europe's leading tower companies building digital infrastructure for both, Mobile Networks and City IoT Services via light infrastructure.

    The Solution


    With a simple swap of luminaires, the Signify BrightSites solution offers a cost efficient, fast and sustainable way to provide multiple services to improve people's quality of life. The solution improves urban safety, provides access to high-speed internet services through 5G and Wi-Fi. The Upciti sensors prevent unlawful disposal of trash while Libelium's environmental sensors provide critical analytics on air quality, temperature, humidity and noise.


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    Case Studies

    • Hunaggang, China

      Hunaggang, China

      Signify delivers sustainable street lighting with real-time monitoring, LED displays, cameras, sensors, & Wi-Fi for a large-scale smart city project in China.

    • City of Mesa

      City of Mesa

      The City of Mesa Arizona worked with Signify to transform existing streetlight into a platform for broadband connectivity, as part of their smart city project.

    • City of Tampere

      City of Tampere

      The City of Tampere has embedded a wireless gigabit network in the lighting fixtures, creating a neutral host network.

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