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    Advance by Signify

    Foundation for connected lighting



    The Advance Xitanium SR digital LED driver portfolio provides a strong, cost-effective foundation for a wide range of connected lighting systems - from individual luminaire control to networked solutions.


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    SR Certified Partners


    To ensure seamless compatibility between Advance Xitanium SR LED drivers, third-party sensors and control systems, we created the SR Certified program with leading lighting control manufacturers. Transform lighting fixtures into nodes within the lighting network and enable transmission of system data through the local network or to the cloud.


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    Reducing Complexity: Streamlined Fixture Design

      Advance Xitanium SR LED drivers streamline connected lighting. They standardize the digital connection between driver and sensor and include an integral power supply. The simple, two wire connection is all that is needed to connect to various certified devices. Fixtures for connected lighting become less complex and more practical toward mainstream applications.
    Advance - Reducing Complexity

    Xitanium SR LED drivers

    Indoor applications


    The Xitanium SR LED driver continues to accelerate the integration of connected lighting into building management systems. Models are available for 40W and 75W applications.


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    Advance - SR Indoor

    Outdoor and industrial applications


    With the same features as indoor drivers, outdoor and industrial Xitanium SR drivers are further tailored for use in city management systems and industrial high-bay application. Models are available for 75W and 150W (class 1) as well as 95W (class 2).

    Advance - SR Outdoor

    SR Bridge


    The SR Bridge allows multiple Xitanium 0–10V LED drivers to connect to an SR-compatible sensor and aggregates the group as one. It’s an ideal way to bring the SR standard to downlighting applications or to fixtures using multiple drivers.


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    Advance - SR Bridge