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    Advance by Signify

    Xitanium drivers with ComfortFade dim-to-off technology


    Advance Xitanium LED drivers with ComfortFade and auxiliary output offer a unique opportunity to deliver greater value for your customers.  They set a new standard for performance, versatility, and reliability featuring ComfortFade dim to off technology, auxiliary output to allow the addition of sensors without an additional power pack, and the proven SimpleSet programming technology; all standard.


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    Advance - Xitanium  ComfortFade

    Xitanium indoor drivers


    Advance Xitanium LED drivers set the standard for performance, and are available for linear and downlight applications.  Select models feature SimpleSet programming, smooth 1% dimming, leading edge-trailing edge dimming, low-ripple output current, high-efficiency designs to enable DLC compliance, and Class P listings to ensure interchangeability without extensive retesting.

    Advance - Xitanium indoor drivers

    Xitanium outdoor & industrial drivers


    Reliable, high-quality lighting is essential for workplaces, roadways and public spaces.  From temperature and humidity extremes to power surges on the input mains, and with most outdoor and industrial fixtures not easily accessible for maintenance, reliability and long life are crucial. Signify has more than 125 years of experience manufacturing lighting solutions that provide reliable, long-lasting, high-quality light for these demanding applications.

    Advance - Xitanium outdoor and industrial drivers