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    Advance by Signify

    Turn-key solutions to help you get to market quickly


    Our Advance LED systems offer an unprecedented go-to-market strategy to reduce the time and complexity of designing a new luminaire. With a perfectly paired system of modules and drivers right from the box, you can spend less time engineering and more time giving your customers what they want.

    CertaMatch Systems

      The ADVANCE CertaMatch system pairs an ADVANCE Driver with a compatible LED Module for a fully integrated solution. These pairings have been optimized and tested to ensure optimal performance. Our CertaMatch systems are ideal for high-volume stock and flow fixtures as no programming is necessary. Additionally, CertaMatch offerings meet both normal and premium lumens per watt requirements for external certifications. When you order a CertaMatch System you are getting a solution with the quality and reliability that is synonymous with the ADVANCE brand.
    Advance CertaMatch Systems

    Lumen & Color Selectable System

      The ADVANCE Color Selectable and Lumen Selection LED driver plus the ADVANCE LED module system allows the OEM to set the right color and lumen output for the job. Now you can stock less SKU’s, ensure you always have the right components on hand and design fixture solutions without compromising performance. Our Color Selectable and Lumen Selectable System has three color temperature presets and three lumen output presets that allow you to easily establish the light settings in the factory or during installation – no programming is necessary. Ideal for everyday high-volume stock and flow into fixtures, the driver and modules are perfectly paired to deliver the most common lumen packages for indoor applications. This solution meets both standard and premium lumen per watt requirements.
    Advance Lumen & Color Selectable System

    FlexTune System

      The Advance FlexTune system provides a new level of design flexibility, control precision, and simplicity for the tunable white lighting system for the commercial applications such as commercial office, healthcare, hospitality, and education. This system includes an all-new 40W digital LED driver with Sensor Ready (SR) interface, a portfolio of matching LED modules, and a fixture-mounted sensor based on the Philips EasySense platform. It can also be easily paired with third-party LED modules and/or SR-certified network lighting control (NLC) solutions.
    Advance - FlexTune System