Advance by Signify

    The Foundation for great lighting

    Today, we are building on innovation with the broadest line of Fortimo LED modules and systems designed to meet your needs in the widest variety of lighting applications.  Whether it’s providing safe, functional light in a high-bay industrial facility or commercial office, making sure product displays “pop” in high-end retail establishments, or setting the perfect ambiance in a hotel or restaurant; Fortimo LED modules and systems are specifically engineered to deliver reliable, high-quality light with the energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership that end users expect.

              Fortimo Variable Length Modules

                Simplify production runs and improve speed and flexibility to customer needs. Start with a 44 or 47.5 inch variable length module which provides separation points to achieve different lengths out of one module.
              Advance - Fortimo QuickCheck infographic

              Linear modules

              The Advance Fortimo linear module family has been designed to replace fluorescent lighting in new luminaires. By standardizing form factors, Signify has made it easy for designers to fit LED solutions into a variety of linear applications, including standard office to commercial spaces, as well as very slim fixtures where fluorescent light might not be suitable.

              Troffer fixtures

              Architectural fixtures

              Advance - Linear modules

              Industrial modules

              Advance Fortimo high flux modules are ideal for installations at greater application heights where more light output is needed, such as high-bay. They are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures that are common to applications like industry or vapor tight fixtures.
              Advance - LyteCaster LED Accent

              Point modules


              Fortimo point modules and systems help luminaire manufacturers to leverage valuable advancements in LED technology without costly and time-consuming retooling, while also satisfying functional and performance end user lighting needs.  Learn more about our downlight and spotlight module portfolios.

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              Advance - Point modules

              Philips Retail Display Lighting


              High customer satisfaction is important for your store. You want to create a shopping experience that fits with your brand values. The right lighting can provide a consistent and pleasant brand experience for customers throughout your store.

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