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    Advance by Signify

    SimpleSet Programming Technology

    SimpleSet wireless programming technology for LED drivers is designed to help OEMs quickly and easily program LED drivers at any time during the manufacturing, distribution or installation process. As a result, OEMs and their customers can meet orders faster and with greater confidence while reducing costs and inventory.

    A Simple, Flexible Solution

    Tapping into Advance Xitanium LED Drivers with SimpleSet is easy. First, you use MultiOne Configuration System to set the desired parameters for the LED drivers. Then, after connecting the programming device to the computer, touch the device to the appropriate place on the driver and the programming device wirelessly programs the driver, and the software provides visual and audio confirmation that the driver was programmed successfully.

    Wireless programming benefits:


    • Speed - Program drivers without complex and time-consuming wires  or powering up the driver
    • Flexibility - Program at any stage in the manufacturing process
    • SKU Reduction  -  Reduce your SKU count without sacrificing the special features your customers want.
    • Simplicity - Deploy anywhere in the assembly process without complex training
    • Security - Protect programmed values with password protection

    MultiOne Configuration Systems


    With the intuitive MultiOne Configuration System, you can meet specific application requirements with a limited portfolio of configurable devices.


    Depending on the type of device, driver and/or sensor, a combination of features can be configured to create diversity, security and savings.


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