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    Advance by Signify

    Trust Advance to help sustain your success

    With the broadest selection of industry leading components including HID and fluorescent, trust Advance to help sustain your success. We have the expertise and high-quality solutions to meet the lighting goals of your customers and one-stop shopping convenience to simplify your procurement.

    Tubular LED (TLED) lamp drivers

      Centium TLED drivers have been optimized to provide the greatest energy savings potential when used with Philips InstantFit LED lamps. These TLED drivers are a perfect choice for retrofitting all commercial lighting installations which previously utilized standard linear fluorescent lamps, including offices and conference rooms, retail, and warehouse applications.
    Advance - TLED lamp drivers

    Fluorescent ballasts

      Reliable and robust, the broad line of Advance ballasts for linear, compact, and UV fluorescent lamps provide your customers with a better energy saving solution than when using standard fluorescent ballasts. With dimmable and fixed-current options available, there is a solution for any application. These ballasts meet CAN ICES-005 (A/B) / NMB-005 (A/B).
    Advance - Fluorescent ballasts

    HID ballasts

      Advance electronic and magnetic HID ballasts are available to operate the wide variety of metal halide, high pressure sodium and low pressure sodium lamps available in today’s marketplace.  Your one-stop for legacy high-bay, parking, and roadway fixture ballasts. These ballasts meet CAN ICES-005 (A/B) / NMB-005 (A/B).
    Advance - MAG HID

    Advance Ballast Cross Reference Guides

      Click the below link to view all of our Ballast cross reference guides to find the best match for your current ballast.
    Advance - Advance Ballast Cross Reference Guides