Advance by Signify

    FlexTune System

      The Advance FlexTune system provides a new level of design flexibility, control precision, and simplicity for the human centric lighting (HCL) system for the commercial applications such as commercial office, healthcare, hospitality, and education. This system includes an all-new 40W digital LED driver with Sensor Ready (SR) interface, a portfolio of matching LED modules, and a fixture-mounted sensor based on the Philips EasySense platform. It can also be easily paired with third-party LED modules and/or SR-certified network lighting control (NLC) solutions.
    Advance - FlexTune System

    A new era in digital control for
    Human Centric Lighting (HCL)


    Advance FlexTune System is an open-standard, wireless control solution that provides an unparalleled combination of control-precision, simplicity, and flexibility, in a very cost-effective way.


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