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    What Attendees Can Expect from Signify at LEDucation

    March 3, 2022
    leducation 2022

    LEDucation is back – and Signify couldn’t be more excited to once again participate in this lighting industry conference, taking place March 15 and 16, 2022 at the New York Hilton Midtown. This event has something for everyone in the lighting community – blending innovation with education on the extraordinary potential of light.


    Keep scrolling for a glimpse of what you can expect to see and learn about from Signify:


    1. Color Kinetics Expands the Possibilities of Architectural Lighting

    Architectural lighting professionals face a number of competing priorities – requiring solutions that deliver reliability without sacrificing design flexibility. Our Color Kinetics Graze Compact, Purestyle Compact and ReachElite High Output help them achieve both across a wide range of architectural applications.


    The Graze Compact is a high-performance, exterior linear luminaire designed to capture the defining details of architectural structures. Its discrete design, coupled with a CRI of up to 94, tunable color temperatures and millions of controllable dynamic colors, helps spectators see the light, not the lighting.


    Move to the interior with the PureStyle Compact. Lighting professionals can enjoy high-quality illumination for any interior environment with this compact, easily concealed luminaire. Ideal for soft glow, backlighting and low intensity wall washing, these fixtures offer high efficacy and dynamic white and color light with a CRI of up to 95.


    Finally, Color Kinetics will also demonstrate ReachElite High Output, an exterior luminaire that delivers it all. Need maximum lumens? This versatile luminaire offers a high output of up to 87 lumens per watt with a combination of near-field color mixing, precise optical control and high efficiency.

    Reachlite high output
    Graze compact intellihue

    2. TruGroove Micro Family Continues to Evolve

    We’re excited to bring the Ledalite TruGroove Micro family to this year’s event. Available in recessed, suspended, surface and wall washes, its small, 1.75” aperture delivers a big impact. Our innovative MesoOptics DX unleashes light uniformity, while AccuRender technology provides high-quality, high color rendering illumination. The design possibilities are endless with its unique quad optic louver, which is available in five different colors with six distributions. It’s never been easier to tailor your lighting for demanding applications.


    3. Rounding out our Lightolier Calculite Portfolio

    Signify rounds out the Lightolier Calculite family with Intellihue, 2” downlights and architectural cylinders.


    The Calculite IntelliHue downlights offer excellent color accuracy and consistency with millions of saturated, high CRI white and colored light combinations. By incorporating IntelliHue’s unique technology, these downlights enhance the architectural appeal of any indoor space.


    Now available in 2”, the Calculite downlights feature the latest in small aperture specifications. Lighting designers can enjoy greater design flexibility, while maintaining a consistent look and feel across their projects.


    The Calculite cylinders also provide specifiers with beautiful, layered lighting in open ceiling spaces. These fixtures make it easy to overcome the challenges posed by exposed ceilings so you can get back to what’s important – transforming indoor areas to create more memorable spaces. The complete family of cylinders incorporates 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” aperture sizes.



    4. 3D Printed Luminaires Set New Standards for Sustainability

    3D printing technology is pushing the limits of what is possible in lighting, and what’s better than a live display of this sustainably created lighting in action?


    Made locally in our Littlestown, Pennsylvania factory, our 3D printed decorative pendants, high and low bays, and track lighting can be tailored to fit any need. The fixtures can be printed the same day they are designed, meaning the time from production to installation can be reduced from a matter of months to a matter of weeks. Our luminaries are specifically designed for the circular economy: they are made with 100% recyclable material and slash the carbon footprint of conventional manufacturing processes by 76%.

    3d printing thumb

    5. Outdoor Luminaires Blend Creativity and Continuity

    The Gardco PureForm fixtures are back! These architectural outdoor luminaires are designed to enhance comfort and performance while making a unique statement. The PureForm family now includes two pedestrian scale arm mount luminaires in round and square designs.


    Plus, designers no longer have to sacrifice design continuity for aesthetics. At a glance, PureForm luminaires are obviously all part of one family, but each product also makes its own statement. Your brand identity remains, yet your luminaire selection is simplified, saving time and hassle.


    6. Signify will Host Two Speaker Sessions

    We invite you to join our two live speaker sessions: Is it Solar’s Time to Shine? What You Need to Know About This Energy-Efficient Technology and ANSI/IES Recommended Practice for the Calculation of Lighting Power Density Values in Energy Codes.


    Want to See All Signify Has to Offer?

    We look forward to meeting you in-person! Register for the event here. We will have representatives available to answer questions throughout each day.




    Emily Suruda
    Emily Suruda

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