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    See the new Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact, LED production module 3.0 and GrowWise Control Systems at Cultivate’19

    June 18, 2019
    Lumec SoleCity LED


    See the new Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact, LED production module 3.0 and GrowWise Control Systems at Cultivate’19 .


    Attendees at next month’s Cultivate’19 will get the chance to see the newly introduced Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact in Signify’s booth #1439. This will be the first time the Philips LED toplighting compact is shown in North America.

    Lumec SoleCity LED

    As a 1-to-1 high pressure sodium (HPS) replacement, this new product allows for the easy switch from HPS to LED toplighting. The compact, passively cooled LED toplighting compact fits seamlessly in existing HPS set-up and trellis constructions, saving time and money on installation. The toplighting compact replaces 1,000-watt HPS lighting while offering the same amount of light and consuming 40% less power.


    Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture at Signify, said about the Philips LED toplighting compact, “Thanks to the optimized design of the wide beam optics, the LED toplighting compact provides excellent light distribution for most greenhouse configurations, including high-wire crops. Besides vegetables and flowers, it’s also an ideal option for growers of medicinal cannabis.”


    Also, being unveiled at Cultivate’19 is the new Philips GreenPower LED production module 3.0.


    For growers that use multilayer system to grow lettuce, basil, or other vegetables or fruits, the GreenPower LED production module 3.0 can optimize lighting in sole-source growing environments. 

    SoleCity overview
    The unique combination of high light output and wide beam optics means growers can install 50% fewer modules. Operational costs are low thanks to the production module’s robust design, high energy efficiency and long lifetime. The controllable versions of the production module 3.0 allow color and light levels to be adjusted and can be used with the GWCS, as a stand-alone lighting application or integrated in a greenhouse climate computer. Growers can count on consistent production with the very high light uniformity, day after day.
    Frosted lens

    Shown at the Indoor Ag-Con in Las Vegas in May, the GrowWise Control System (GWCS) is receiving rave reviews. GWCS works with ’dynamic’ modules in the Philips GreenPower LED range and gives growers full flexibility and control over lighting. Growers can implement different lighting scenarios to improve results based on their growing objectives by adjusting the light spectrum. The GWCS can mix a variety of colors including deep red, blue, green, and far red, as well as light duration and light intensity.


    Four progressive horticulture industry leaders to speak on growing under LED lighting


    A panel of four progressive horticulture industry leaders will share and discuss their experiences with growing under LEDs at the session, Growing with LEDs in the Greenhouse: Grower and Academic Perspective. Kathleen Baughman, Iwasaki Bros., Inc.; John Bonner, Great Lakes Growers; James Darrow, Jolly Farmer; and Roberto Lopez, Ph.D., Michigan State University will provide background stories of how and why they are switching to LEDs and what they have learned in the process. It’s an opportunity for indoor growers of any type of crop to gain practical, real-world insight on making the transition to LED supplemental and photoperiodic lighting.

    Frosted lens


    Barbara Perzanowski
    Barbara Perzanowski

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